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SCHOOL OF ROCK strengthens Melbourne during the opening!


Review by Ian Andrew

Fans of the original School of Rock movie; enjoy! The musical adaptation of the 2003 film by Andrew Lloyd Webber is a joyful, colorful evening of high energy entertainment.

BWW Review: SCHOOL OF ROCK strengthens Melbourne during the premiere!The musician adheres closely to the plot of the film, following rocker Dewey Finn, when he is thrown out of the band and almost thrown out of the apartment. Desperate for the money for rent, Finn plays his roommate Ned Schneebly & # 39; to get the job of a deputy teacher in a wealthy private primary school. After discovering the musical abilities of the students, he begins to transform the class into a rock band to take part in the upcoming "Battle of the Bands" competition, without the knowledge of the school staff, including the strict director, Mullins. Through their unorthodox pedagogy, children learn to stand up and let their voices hear.

This production faithfully transmits hundreds, costumes, props and choreographies of original productions from London and Broadway to the stage in Melbourne, animated by director Laurence & # 39; and Connor, choreographer JoAnn M Hunter, stage designer and costume designer Anna Louizos and lighting designer Natasha Katz. Music supervisor John Rigby runs a close band of musicians who seamlessly connect with the cast by playing live on stage thanks to the effective sound design of Mick Potter.

At the head of the show stands Brent Hill as the fighting rock star Dewy Finn, who fantastically fills the cult role of Jack Black. Hill is extremely nice in this part, emanating infectious enthusiasm and warmth during the entire show. Spending just a few minutes off the stage, Hill deals with a physically difficult and vocally part with visible ease and unwavering energy.

Amy Lehpamer was similar in every respect to Brent Hill as a pioneer school principal (and rock-chic from the wardrobe) Rosalie Mullins with great presence and comic timing and a distinctive rock ballad giving viewers a chance to see why Lehpamer shines as one of the leading theater actors in Austalia music.

Zachary Pidd and Nadia Komaczec was cast as the best friend without spins, Ned Schneebly and his overbearing girlfriend Patty, with a versatile team that smoothly changes the roles of teachers, parents and rival team members.

BWW Review: SCHOOL OF ROCK strengthens Melbourne during the premiere!But of course the real stars of the show are extremely talented children's casts – on this occasion Ava Rose Houben Carter, Maya Corbett, Zac El-Alo, Samantha Zhang, Riya Mandrawa and Oscar Mulchay, with especially memorable performances Orlando Schwerdt as Keyster Lawrence, Lenny Thomas as extravagant stylist Billy and Chihana Perara as vocalist Tomik. Ava McInnes led the children's class as a prematurely born Summer manager, stealing the show along with the incredibly talented drummer Kempton Maloney (Freddy) and guitarist Jayden Tatasciore (Zach). When the voice of Andrew Lloyd-Webber speaks from the heavens before the concert, all the children play their instruments live – and the boy played. The audience has been treated with indulgent hits, Matylda-meets with AC / DC with the distinguishing numbers "You & # 39; re In The Band" and "Stick It To Man" guaranteed that you hummed all the way home.

School of Rock is not a perfectly written spectacle – most of the points are forgotten, and attempts to face current topics, such as wage inequality, are awkward at best. Even so, you can not miss the performances of the two leads and corpses of children, because they show a huge talent – both present and upcoming – that Australia has to offer.

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