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Ross Clark-onesons breaks ankle, goes out of play

One of Australia's most beloved competitors on this season's Survivor was forced to quit the show after suffering a mild-to-moderate injury challenge that left him "screaming in pain".

Big-wave surfer Ross Clark-onesons broke his ankle after falling to the ground when a rope twisted during an immunity challenge Monday night.

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Speaking to today, Clarke-Onsons revealed there are still many months to recover before the injury, which occurred in early June. He is still in the moonlight and will have surgery to remove the pins from his ankle later this month.

"I've seen people get hurt on this show before, but not because of one of the challenges. The rope broke. There are rigorous tests, they use crash test models and they take every precaution to be safe, but this has happened and, it is the executioner … it is the executioner, it was me, "he said.

An Endemic Shine Australia statement to described the crash as a "technical mistake" and repeated the focus on producing a safety test of each challenge.

"Endemol Shine Australia takes away the health and safety of ours Survivor competitors very seriously. Challenges are monitored and tested many times to avoid injury. Competitors also receive ongoing medical care from a series physician and paramedics.

"Unfortunately during the challenge, a technical error occurred and Ross suffered an ankle ligament injury. He was given emergency medical care on the spot and taken to hospital for further checks, ”the statement said.

Clark-onion's competitors shouted in horror as host Athonathan LaPaglia turned to his side, shouting to stop the challenge. Then the medics rushed in and Lapaglia helped them lift the injured player off course.

Clark onesons told that the pain is almost too much to bear.

“I was screaming in pain. It was a bizarre feeling – I had a few fractures, but I never broke a bone, which is what I thought I was doing. Damage to the ligaments was probably the worst pain, "he said.

Again at camp, his squatters speculated on whether he could return to the match. But Clark onesons said that once he knew the true extent of his injury, he knew his Survivor the journey is over.

"You have 24 hours to go back to the show, that's the rule. But when I went to the hospital and they told me I had a broken ankle, I thought, that's for me. I was on painkillers … I said, "Just get me out of here, just take me home." I really didn't care about the game at that stage. “

Clark-onions said his future is still "a bit uncertain".

"Be back 100% probably by December, that's the best case scenario. I tried to swim the other day and got scared (hurting my ankle) … so there is still a few months of rehabilitation. “

He said good-bye last night, but Clark-onion admits he was "absolutely devastated" at the departure.

"I did some of the hardest things in the world, surfing 80 waves, but this Survivor the experience is on another level, "he said.

"Never say never – they say it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but maybe it's a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I would love to go back. "

The Australian survivor airs at 7:30 pm on Sunday until Tuesday at ten.

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