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Rhodes and Beckett argue that the site "held for redemption"

Rhodes and Beckett's Web site went down in the first two weeks of December – the busiest month in retail – and her Facebook page seems to have been deleted.

Online, dozens of customers complain about waiting months for orders to arrive and can not contact the company.

Rockstarz is owned by a Singapore-based tech entrepreneur, Joseph Ziegler, who is also part of the owner of AO Capital – a Hong Kong-based private group that helped revive Rhodes and Beckett when he was in the administration in 2017.

Mark Joseph, co-owner of Rhodes and Beckett with Vincent Boulus, said the AO's promise of equality had never happened, with Mr. Ziegler and others instead lending the company's money while getting off the ground .

Mr Ziegler said that Rhodes and Beckett were late this year to repay those loans, and the New South Wales District Court last week ordered two holding companies from Rhodes and Becket to pay Ziegler $ 332,441.


"It's a big mess," Ziegler said. "It's really, really terrible mess."

Mr Ziegler said it was impossible for him to steal inventory, as the company claimed, because Rhodes and Beckett bought their shares from another company that Mr Ziegler was an investor, and which Rhodes and Beckett also owed money.

Mr. Joseph, from Rhodes and Beckett, said Rockstarz "mingle around" with access to his website, email and online sales systems for about three months.

"Rockstarz keeps us for redemption, I still do not have a definite answer to what's done," he said.

"It's like Mr Ziegler and his partner set up for a hostile takeover – they tried to use the circumstances in their favor. That's not a pretty situation."

Mr Joseph said the company was not notified of any unpaid bills for its technology services, which were all sent to Rockstarz-controlled email addresses.

When Rhodes and Beckett finally renewed their access to their e-mail account, about 300 orders that were not filled and backed by the company were backed up, he said.

Mr Ziegler meanwhile accused Rhodes and Beckett of breaking the deal he had with the third-end inventory procurement firm in which he was invested with sources of action by the German fashion company Van Lack.

Van Lakk was the main shareholder of Rhodes and Beckett, a major supplier and major creditor when it collapsed in 2017.

Prior to the administration in 2017, Rhodes and Beckett and the Herringbridge brand had 29 shops, as well as eight concession sites in Mayer.

It has dropped to four stores today – two in Melbourne and two in Sydney.

Mr Joseph said the company and the brand were well traded differently, and that the company was a solvent and that the future of the company was not in doubt.

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