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Reviewing the iPhone SE today: is it still a great phone in 2019? [Video]

IPhone SE (practically), which is rapidly approaching its third anniversary, was an amazing phone when it was released. It gave us a device with timeless design of the iPhone 5s, with modern specifications borrowed from the iPhone 6s.

With the news that Apple has recently been sold out from the distribution of the permitted places on the iPhone SE, it was once again imagining the device. People are crazy about buying a nearly three-year iPhone-oriented budget in 2019? Take a look at our hands-on video while I'm returning the iPhone SE, thus breaking up my current strengths and weaknesses.

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iPhone SE features that still stand out today

Timeless design

In my opinion, the design of the iPhone 5-era, square-off, rather than rounded sides, and refined rounded edges, represents the top of Apple's design for its phones.

The iPhone SE also lacks the camera, which has become an iPhone-based design that starts with the iPhone 6. The lack of the camera provides a completely even and cohesive back cover, borrowing the overall beauty of the device.

It's such a timeless design that iPad Pro has adopted a similar look, though with the camera bump, for its latest refresh. Needless to say, I would like to see a fashionable model of this design for the iPhone.

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Form factor

In the era of unloaded phones, Apple withdrew trends with the iPhone SE, freezes modern (at that time) functions in a small form factor that easily handles. Apple realized in 2016, what seems to have forgotten in the years to come: not everyone needs, and even wants big phones like the iPhone XS Max.

Featuring a 4 inch screen, the iPhone SE easily fits in your hand or inside your pocket or purse. In other words, this phone is a super low key, which is something you can definitely appreciate as an ongoing iPhone XS Max user.


With the release of iOS 12, Apple's hardware performance has improved across the board, making older phones like the iPhone SE feel faster than before. IPhone SE, with its Apple A9 chip system and 2GB of RAM, still works well today. Remember, this is basically the iPhone 6s crammed with the body of the iPhone 5s.

Touch ID

The IPhone SE comes complete with Touch ID, for which many people still have an affinity. In 2018, all Apple's new iPhone editions featured a person's ID instead of a Touch ID. Although the iPhone SE comes with a first-generation touchscreen sensor, I realize it's still good enough to provide seamless experience.

Headphone jack

IPhone SE was released in the spring of 2016, months before the release of the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. IPhone SE was the latest iPhone that Apple released with a headphone jack in the tow, which itself puts it on the sanctuary for some.

A 12-megapixel rear view camera

Using the same 12-megapixel camera with frequency f / 2.2 from iPhone 6s, the back camera inside the iPhone SE is surprisingly good and still holds relatively well to this day. Not only do they take great photos, but they can also download live photos like the iPhone 6 and later devices.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the camera found in the iPhone SE can shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second. Input SE models arrive with 16GB storage, and since 4K video takes up so much space, this feature is often overlooked.

Battery life

Looking at the specifications, the battery life of the iPhone SE is surprisingly decent compared to modern iPhone phones. The IPhone SE boasts 13 hours of LTE internet usage and 13 hours of video playback. To set this in perspective, the iPhone XS has 12 hours of internet usage and 14 hours of video playback. Assigned, when considering other factors, such as talk time (14 hours vs. 20 hours), the iPhone XS starts better.


The 16GB 16GB of 16GB started at $ 399 when it was released, but over time, Apple doubled the repository, reducing the low-end version of 16GB at the same price. With regard to budget phones, the price of the entry price of $ 399 for the iPhone SE was a much more attractive option than the so-called. budget iPhone XR of 749 dollars. With a price of $ 249 for a 32GB model, the phone almost relies on the territory to buy an impulse …

Do you need to pay $ 249 to buy the iPhone SE during Apple's sale? Nostalgia can tempt you, but it would be wise to look at some of the more interesting aspects of the iPhone SE before downloading the plunge.

Like the iPhone XS Max user, the return of the iPhone SE last week was very interesting. It's a great experience in terms of portability and hand comfort, two great factors to be sure, but this phone leaves a lot to wake up in 2019.

See our original iPhone SE hands from 2016

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IPhone SE was great, but let's be honest, modern iPhones have …

Better, bigger displays

It's not just that the views of the recent iPhone are much larger when compared to the iPhone's 4-inch screen, it's that modern iPhone screens are so much better. The massive 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max definitely stands out, but it's the quality of the mentioned display – resolution, contrast ratio, viewing angle and wide color support – making it really special.

The real estate display is obviously a huge differentiating factor, as well – the iPhone XR and XS Max, for example, provide massive upgrades in space on the screen. As a result, users have access to more rows of icons on the home screen, larger videos, and more text on the screen when reading web, books, and emails.

Better cameras

The next obvious difference between the iPhone SE and the modern iPhone phones is the quality of the camera. The 12MP camera in the iPhone SE, with support for 4K video, is far from terrible, but can not compete with the advancement of silicon and AI in Apple's latest hardware.

Apple's latest iPhones also feature 12MP wide-angle rear cameras, but with significantly faster f / 1.8 apertures and faster sensors.

Although the iPhone XR lacks a dual array rear camera, all recent Apple smartphones have great camera features that are simply not available on the iPhone SE. Even the iPhone XR with its budget, with its only rear camera, has larger pixels and has features like Portrait Mode for controlling the depth at flight or in the post. There are also medications like 4K60 video, and 1080p slow motion of 240 fps.

The front camera, which was the pure laughter of the iPhone SE, is also a huge improvement to the modern iPhone phones. Not only does the TrueDepth front camera face the latest iPhones that are capable of biometric facial authentication, but it is also a 7 megapixel shooter capable of recording 1080p video to 60 fps. It's a noteworthy upgrade to the vague 1.2 megapixel camera migrated from the iPhone 5s of 2013 to the iPhone SE.

Better speakers

IPhone's recent editions have improved a lot in terms of sound quality, and much of it can be attributed to the fact that there is more room for moving the sound. The IPhone SE has a tiny speaker located in the lower right corner of the handset, while the new iPhones have stereo speakers that are much louder and clearer than the iPhone SE speaker setup.

iPhone SE speakers output fading compared to newer iPhones

Movement Controls

Now that modern iPhones (and iPads) do not have a start button, motion controls are used for almost anything when it comes to connecting to the device. For example, pulling up from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen feels more natural by pressing the Home button, and the wiper and shortcut movement feels like a more efficient way to call the application changer.

3D touch

3D Touch debuted on the iPhone 6s, which is ironic when you think the iPhone SE is essentially the iPhone 6s in the body of the iPhone 5s. In any case, 3D Touch, which relies on special pressure-sensitive components, was not included in the iPhone SE.

It's a non-existent feature, but 3D Touch has a cult that follows for those who appreciate what it brings to the table. Often described as the kind of "right click" for iOS devices, 3D Touch allows users to call shortcuts directly from the home screen and top and pop to view and open content in supported applications.

Unfortunately, 3D Touch was not included in Apple's so-called budget-led iPhone XR, which undoubtedly led to rumors suggesting that Apple might require it to leave office in the future.

Face ID

I was skeptical at the beginning of the ID card, but after I have one year with the iPhone X, and after enjoying the upgraded version of the iPhone XS Max, I am firmly convinced that it's a better biometric solution than the Touch ID. The Touch ID had its time and place, but it feels a bit old when compared to Face ID, which does not require the user to do anything but look at his phone to unlock it and identify it within applications.

More charging options

After walking without wireless charging for numerous generations of iPhones, Apple finally jumped on a ship with a Qi wireless filling standard by releasing the iPhone X. iPhone also gained access to faster USB-PD charging at the same time. During my revision with the iPhone SE, this was one of the most obvious differences, since I'm used to asking iPhone on various wireless chargers around the house and in the car.

There is no wireless charging on the iPhone SE

Touch to wake up

One of the features I missed most during my time with the iPhone SE was to wake up. The feature that debuted with Apple's first OLED phone, the iPhone X, is an easy way to wake up your iPhone by simply tapping the screen. The IPhone SE, on the other hand, requires the user to press the physical Home button or the Sleep button to wake up the phone.

There's no touch-to-wake on the iPhone SE, just rising-to-get awake

Powerful hardware

The iPhone XS, with its 6-core Apple A12 Bionic chip, is in a whole other performance-related league. But for someone who is ok using the iPhone SE in 2019, it's likely that performance is not as big as a priority as other factors in this list.

With that said, the A12 is a huge improvement over the A9 in the iPhone SE. Not only do such achievements are evident from games and benchmarks, but also provide other improvements, such as real-time machine learning, increased reality, and more.

As one might expect, the graphics are much improved, too, with a 4-core Apple-designed graphics processor with Metal 2 support. There are also 8-core nerve motors for machine learning on the device and an enhanced image processor lets you work like Portrait and Smart HDR for increased dynamic range of photos.

Should Apple make a fashionable iPhone SE?

With all of the things we have considered in this article, this brings up an obvious question: Should Apple release a modern iPhone SE? Personally, I think that all of his future phones should adopt a SE-like design language, but I also think it's a good idea to release a smaller iPhone budget, inspired by the highly-acclaimed iPhone SE.

Imagine a full-screen without frame without design with iPhone 5-era design characters. It will only allow the new iPhone SE to have a far larger screen of real estate while retaining a similar physical footprint.

Now imagine for a second, a camera similar to the iPhone XR, a faster A12 Bionic chip, OLED display and features like Face ID and tap to wake up. It sounds like an iPhone that would be incredibly popular for those who do not like big phones.

The original iPhone SE was a great phone, no doubt, but it's a phone that is missing a lot in 2019. If the form factor takes everything else, then this is an obvious choice, but if other factors weigh in your opinion, I think it would be hard to justify the purchase of the iPhone SE in 2019, even at $ 249.

What do you think? Is iPhone SE Worth Buying Today? Should Apple release an updated version? Would you like a new iPhone-style phone as a budget model over the iPhone XR? Feel free to go down in the comments with your thoughts and opinions.

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