Saturday , April 17 2021

Penny falls in South Sydney for the fifth loss of the season

The Panthers recorded their first loss to the Post-Phil Gould era that fell to Rabitos 22-18 at the Pennin Stadium.

The assumption is surrounded by an angry pack filled with a drama start of the season and it turned out that those frustrations came to the surface, while the heated fraud erupted in moments of dying from their fifth loss of 2019.

In the form of Cody Walker, he retires for a wonderful play in Dane Gagai, who climbed the ice of the match in 72nd a minute before the two sides broke out in everyone in the melee.

It was a frustration that typed the Panthers night, which again saw the loss of their attacks.

"I feel like we looked most likely for most of the night, it's just the case when we took the chances and we could not find ours when we needed it," coach Ivan Cleary told the night of Tuesday.

"I felt whether we could just go forward, maybe we could continue with that, but it was a much better performance than we did tonight.

"This is the first game where we can start building several combinations, because it was a frustrating start to the year, we really did not get our rhythm."

While James Maloney managed to find the form he was trying to try, the vast feeling of indecision still hanged the men of Ivan Cleary.

Unlike Rabitos, the heavy attacks on the new crowned skipper Sam Burgess and the hitting of Adam Reynolds started well.

57-year-old Cody Walker briefly expanded the margin, before Dalin Vatane-Zhelezek responded to give the home side more hope.

Dane Gagai with four points in the 73rd minute appeared to seal Rabito's victory, only for William Kikaau to set aside the five defenders and set up a stand.

Penryt had several more chances to steal the victory, but remained to lose the fifth loss of their seven games of the season.

Panthers and Bunnies are heated

By the end of the circle, they may end up as low as 14, and have a difficult task next week to deal with High Canberra flying.

By contrast, the two points for Rabbitohs guarantee that they are in tune with the leader leaders of Sydney loops and Melbourne.

It was a tough victory for the South, who had to defend 55 games in their 20-meter zone compared to the 14 prospects they had at the other end.

The two sides started at a rapid pace, but the Panthers opened earlier when Kyle Turner beat Nathan Clary for the first points.

Their lead was doubled through the strange ball of Dane Gagai in 20 minutes. He went through two defenders before shooting, while falling, for Cory Allan.

Penrinth thought they were the first to try when James Fisher-Harris knocked on the coarse, but was returned because of an inaccurate ball game.

In the end, Panthers entered the halftime without any attempt, however they got a spark soon after the extension when James Maloney went from close.

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