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NRL 2019: Paul Kent reviews Greg Inglis's thoughts before the first round, Sydney Rostos vs. South Sydney Rabito

Greg Eagles is struggling for energy and motivation before the start of the rabbit season for Cave Opponents on Friday night.

It's Paul Kent's belief that is worried about the state of mind of Eagles in his first season under Wayne Bennett.

"I watched it today and he does not look happy," Kent told the NRL 360.

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Greg Inglis's tank is not full

Greg Inglis's tank is not full


"He does not have that energy for him. Right before the round the most players, it's when their tank is full.

"It looks like the tank is not full.

Eagles, who will retire at the end of the 2020 season, claims he is approaching full readiness, but Kent worries that Rabbit's captain just tells the right things in public.

According to Kent, a private permanent period of injuries and off-court fights with mental health issues.

"He said he talked with Wayne and talked to physiologists and medical staff and they think it's okay," Kent acknowledged.

"It's not a player who declares that I'm ready to go. I agree that he is a champion and never knock a champion and when they're down it's when they get up.

"But the one thing that brings them is a chronic injury and that's the main concern for Inglis."

Greg Eagles set up with Rooster's Captain, Jake Friend, before the start of the season on both sides.
Greg Eagles set up with Rooster's Captain, Jake Friend, before the start of the season on both sides.Source: News Corp. Australia

Eagles is brought back to full back under Bennett, but Kent can not see the benefit of playing star Marun in one of the most fickle positions on the pitch.

"He is no longer a fullback," Kent said.

"I know Wayne publicly stated that Eagles could play a full backdrop, but significantly raised him to the right center for the first round.

"If he can be found in the top tip form perhaps, but it's qualifications and I just do not think he can do it.

"You can leave this option open for him, but the reality is needed to play full door these days. We increasingly see that lighter frames play a full background because it takes the required level of energy.

"Gregg Eagles is a big body with big almonds in the chest and big thighs and to try and expect him to carry out all the necessary things in a full door. I would not say that it is impossible, but it will need a lot.

"Bennett can give him several games in full back, but you will start the engine and you will not have Inglis with a full tank at the end of the season."


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