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NRL 2019: Kevin Walters, Justin Justin Holbrooke, Ash Taylor, Gold Coast Titans, Canterbury Bulldogs coach

Accident starter, employment problems and desperate search for success.

What happens to the Bulldogs' coaching quest and where has it been so far for Kevin Walters?

Here answers the five thorny questions the Titans face.

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What kind of employment can Holbrooke do?

The first question is whether Holbrooke will be allowed to lead the Titans.

The club have said they will not allow the new coach to release players already tied to long-term contracts.

Immediately, a problem arises because the Golden Coast has tied most players by 2020. Only six players are out of contract this year.

Of course Branko Lee is on his way to the UK, essays Ararthas heads to Broncos, and Michael Gordon is said to be considering retirement. So, that leaves only the future of Will Matthews, Jack Stockwell and Riley Acxex to decide. This means that Holbrooke's ability to bring fresh bodies and change the "culture" of the Titans is severely limited.

How can Holbrooke get the best out of Ash Taylor?

This is a million dollar question.

Taylor for all his shortcomings and off-field topics was protected by Garth Brennan for most of his reign.

Holbrooke is likely to shelter Taylor as well, but it may be crucial to his failed rematch that his new coach will squeeze every drop of potential from his midfielders.

He turned the French playwright Theo Chase into a semi-program NRL club chase, while Nyon Lomax turned the corner under Holbrooke's rule.

If he can turn Taylor's enormous talent into consistency, then the Gold Coast will be heading in the right direction.

Where now for Walters?

It's been a tough couple of years for Kevin Walters.

The back-to-back defeats in the state of origin along with the rejection of Broncos' work, and now – depending on what you believe – have been twice rejected by the Titanic.

Whether Walters ever returns to coaching the club remains to be seen.

But once you've missed another NFL rookie role, it's hard to imagine.

Perhaps, like Holbrooke, his best chance would be to go abroad and prove his metal as head coach.

Which bulldogs are turning their focus?

The Bulldogs were other clubs competing for Holbrook's services.

A Canterbury junior and former club coach, there were even rumors up until yesterday that he could still withdraw from his bid for the Titans and return to Sydney.

Dean Pay could still remain, but club director Andrew Hill, meeting Holbrooke on a recent UK trip, suggests that Pay's future lies elsewhere.

Whoever does the job will inherit a side that can only be strengthened by opening the list and getting a pay cap space.

What would be the success of the Titans in 2020?

We've seen recent twists from the Loops (15th in 2016 to 2nd in 2016) and Paramata (4th in 2017 to 16th in 2018) to know that the NRL ladder is unstable.

Internationals Kevin Proctor and Callum Watkins could be a disastrous combination on the right. If Ryan James can stay fit, he, Aiai Arow, Oder Wallace and Moyaki Fotuika creator offer the cornerstone of a strong and highest standard package of eight. If it were a successful year for the Titans, then the problem would be if they could repeat the feat.

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