Thursday , May 6 2021

NASA reveals the best picture of the double space rock Ultima Thule – BGR

In 2019, NASA began a bang because its investigation of New Horizons, which ignited the farthest object, once tried to visit, a strange space rock known as Ultima Tule. The scientists immediately found that Ultima Thule is not one object, but two, making the first binary contact ever studied in such detail.

Now, as NASA continues to collect more flight data, the New Horizons team has uncovered the most detailed insight since Ultima Thule, and this is a real wonderful game.

In the new image, which was captured during the New Year's Eve by new horizons, the camera for visible images of spacecraft gives a more detailed view of the surface of the double space rocks than ever before. We can see craters and ridges, as well as a more defined point of contact between the two objects.

"This new image begins to disclose differences in the geological character of the two Ultima Tule lobes, and does not present us with new mysteries," said chief researcher Alan Stern in a statement. "Over the next month, there will be better colors and better resolution images that we hope will help to unravel the many mysteries of Ultima Tule."

If you are wondering why it took so long to get a clear picture of the object, it's all about distance and the spacecraft itself. The new horizons gathered an incredible amount of information because they made their way to Ultima Thule and can not send it back at once. The probe will, in fact, spend several months, giving data rings until all of its observations are returned to Earth.

At the current spacecraft's distance of over 4 billion miles from Earth, it takes six hours for radio signals to travel from New Horizons to our planet, and gathering all the data takes a lot of time.

Source: NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI

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