Sunday , July 25 2021

Nadia Barthel goes public with boyfriend Nathan Brody

Rumors have long circulated that former VAG Nadia Bartel has found love again – and now it is official.

New beauty Nathan Brody shared an opportunity with the fashion designer, vomiting on St. Kilda Beach on Friday in a snake bikini, with the caption “Weekend vibrations”.

His post marks the first public confession of romance between the couple, after relationship rumors have plagued the couple for months.

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The premature Insta came after the last WAG suffered a very messy and very public separation from her husband, Brownlow medalist Jimmy Bartel, last year.

While Barthel quickly made public his current partner Lauren Mand shortly after the separation, Barthel was known privately for the current state of her love life – until now.

Bartel and personal trainer Brody have been linked since August, although it was not until September that they were first photographed sweating together, circling Lake Albert Park.

Despite continuing in love and life, the influencer and fashion recently admitted that he has no intention of returning to her girlfriend after the divorce proceedings.

“Right now, I want to have the same name as the boys. “I can not imagine having another surname,” Nadia told Herald Dream.

“If I didn’t have children, it would be a different story. “I do not know what I can do in the future.”

Bartel married Jimmy in 2014 after a six-year relationship and shared sons Aston (4) and Henley (2).

The 35-year-old said she was “heartbroken” when her marriage to Bartel broke down last year amid rumors of what caused their split.

“Although I am heartbroken, I do not want to comment specifically on what was reported about Jimim’s trip to the UK, as I do not think it is in anyone’s interest,” Nadia told Austrian News last August.

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