Wednesday , June 16 2021

Meghan Markle gets up at five in the morning "Rain or shine", Bombs with text messages, insiders say "Daily Mail"

Only six months spent in the royal family, Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, overwhelmed the palace with the habits of "wind", insiders say.

Ever since she officially joined the British royal family on May 19, along with her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, she caused serious shocks in her daily activities. He has a tireless plan of work, which, according to the initiators, was "less a breath of fresh air and more of a whirlwind".

According to the exclusive report in the UK Daily mail, the duchess leave the bed every day at 5 o'clock, "it's raining or shining" and hits the ground, often firing a lot of text messages to the royal staff to help her, earning her private nickname "hurricane meghan."

"Huragan Meghan" breaks the rules on everything from fashion to friendships, diplomacy and the label of car doors (the duchess closes), Daily post office reported.

Although it is generally believed to have a warm relationship with her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the independence of Markle & # 39; especially when it comes to her fashion choices, she sometimes respects the very traditional monarch who is termed the "pedant" for the rules, " according Daily post office report.

But this is the seemingly limitless energy that the 37-year-old American television actress brings to her new job, which caused the greatest anxiety among palace insiders, says the report.

Meghan Markle gets up at 5 in the morning

Despite their warm relationship, Meghan Markle (l) sometimes annoys the Queen (r) with her unconventional habits.

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"She is an early bird, at 5 am rain or shine, and it is said that the palace staff have never experienced anything like Meghan's enormous work ethic," the report said. "In addition to her publicized meetings, Meghan conducted a series of" secret "missions to meet the British, especially those associated with good things.

"Up up and at & # 39; em & # 39; West Coast energy" turned out to be an "inconvenient fit" to the often stifling formalities associated with the tradition of the royal crew, who reportedly fussed with "six or seven" text messages every day.

It seems that even the recent announcement of pregnancy has done nothing to limit the furious pace of the duchess' daily work – but it created another headache for the royal staff. Namely, the expectant mother created a new level of security concerns, according to the report Express.

"It's more dangerous now when she's pregnant," said Matt Fiddes, a security specialist who once coordinated protection for the late pop star Michael Jackson. "They're going to 100% rent more security for Meghan, I've seen it with other celebrities." Because they are becoming more and more pregnant, there will always be a greater demand, she will reduce her royal engagement and significantly increase her safety. "

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