Thursday , April 22 2021

Megan Markle and Prince Harry visited Prince William and Kate

Prince William and Kate gave up Megan's pregnant parents and Prince Harry in Windsor before the birth of their first child, according to reports.

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge visited the couple in their new home in Frogmore Cottage for the first time on Easter Sunday, sources said.

Megan and Harry moved from the Kensington Palace to the house next to the Windsor Castle at the beginning of the month, and the Duchess of Sussex ceased to attend royal engagements in preparation for the impending arrival of the baby.

The comparison started only half an hour BAZAR, with whom Kate and William summoned, after attending the Easter service with the Queen in the St. George's Chapel in Windsor, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex married last year.

Apparently, Cambridges donated gifts for warming up the home, and the four sat on tea, defying the rumors of an argument.

Source for BAZAR: "William and Katherine visited because Megan could not attend the service. They wanted to be supportive and see how it works. It was wonderful afternoon."

A friend told about publishing Sussex "really settled in" Frogmore cart before birth.

They said: "It's a really wonderful home and they've done so much work with space. So much light and positive energy. I could not think of a better place to start a family."

On Thursday, Harry again saw Kate at the Anzac ceremony in London. The prince smiled and laughed with his sister while taking part in the afternoon service at Westminster Abbey along with the Duke of Gloucester.

Prince William attended Ansak Day in Auckland with New Zealand Prime Minister Jaizinda Arder before a shocking meeting with a five-year-old victim of the terrorist attack in Krsturch and the first responsible persons.

Baby Sussex – who will be seventh in the line of succession on the British throne – is expected to arrive every day now, with Megan to give birth at the end of April or early May. The 37-year-old was not seen in public since March 11, when she attended the Commonwealth Day with Prince Harry at the Westminster Abbey, but continued working with charities behind the scenes.

Details of the birth are kept private at the request of the couple, but the Buckingham Palace is expected to announce when the Duchess comes into labor.

Megan, reportedly, just wants to spend three months of maternity leave after the arrival of his first child with Prince Harry. She told the aides that she wanted to get back to work quickly, avoiding the possible annual leave, The sun reported.

"Megan made it clear he wants to get back to work as soon as possible," the royal source said. "It has huge amounts of energy, it is extremely solved and wants to be as long as possible with its charity.

"Nothing is written in her diary just because she wants to wait and see how she feels after she gave birth to the baby.

"She has been tagged in three months but is likely to return to public life for six weeks – at Queen's official birthday, Trooping the Color, in June.

"Parents in three months are standard in the United States for American baits – they usually do not get six or even 12 months of women coming here in the UK. So this is perfectly normal for Megan."

Harry, 34, also takes paternity leave, but no one knows how much. Kate, 37, took six months after Louis was born last year and five months with Charlotte in 2015. But she took only five weeks after the birth of her first child George in July 2013 – she appeared on an ultra-Marathon event in north Wales in August.

Megan's mother, Dorya Ragland, is in the UK before giving birth to her first grandson and practicing yoga with her daughter.

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex released a message on Twitter Wednesday to commemorate Prince Louis. They wrote to the royal account: "Happy Birthday Louis! I send a lot of love to both of us."

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