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Lady Gaga explodes a lawyer while she defends Kasha in a legal fight

Lady Gaga's passionate defense of fellow singer Chesha was discovered in explosive new court documents.

The newly discovered deposits, which took place in September 2017, also revealed a fierce exchange between Gaga and the lawyer of Dr. Luke, a producer on The Blast's website.

During a hearing on Kash's allegations of a sexual assault on Dr. Luke, Gaga criticized the producer's lawyer: "Do you know how it's for the survivors? Do you know how to tell people? Do not turn your back on me. to embarrass yourself, "the website announced.

According to the "Blast," Gaga was questioned for her initial conversation with Kesha about the alleged sexual assault.

"What I remember was her tremendous sadness and depression and fear. She was visibly very different than she had ever seen her, and – but I can not specifically say what we were talking about. I just remember that she is emotionally and I wanted to be there for her ".

Gaga also described how she initially met Kesha at Dr. Luke's house, and that Kesha was in the back room with only underwear.

The cases were reportedly welded when Dr. Luk's lawyer asked Gaga if he believed he was charged with raping, damaging his reputation.

"Reputation, if you are wondering about his reputation in the world, I do not feel free to talk about the whole world," she said.

"So, if you are wondering what my view of his reputation is, I presented my view of him and his reputation when I saw him in that room. It was an image that – something that happened to me, and I felt and knew in my own heart that tells the truth, and I trust her. "

Dr. Luc's lawyer insinuated that Gaga could not know what had happened between them.

"Yes, I know," reportedly Gaga. "He told me that he attacked her."

The lawyer said little that "when men attack women, they do not invite people to see."

Gaga opposed the attack, saying it had "actual knowledge" [Kesha’s] depression ".

"I have actual knowledge about her need for support and love. I have actual knowledge about the spiral that I saw that girl go down." I have actual knowledge of the trauma, I am informed and intelligent about this issue. "The girl suffered serious trauma and now is in the middle of the right. And you're a party to that. "

The singer allegedly cried during her testimony, which her lawyers said was a result of PTSD's reactions to survivors of sexual assault.

Kesha sued a music producer in 2014 for alleged sexual assault, gender-based violence, emotional abuse and violation of business practices, demanding that she be released from her contracts with him.

In 2016, the judge denied this request and continued to release new music with his approval.

In September last year, an American judge ruled that Luke and his lawyers would be able to present documents that support their claim that Kesha had plotted against him.

Kesha reportedly claimed about $ 55 million in damages from the manufacturer.

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