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Krispastus Porzings in Mavericks in the boxers' boxing

Forget Anthony Davis for a second.

Dallas Mavericks gave up what could be a franchise-change trade with the addition of the star of the New York Knicks Puzzling Porzings.

ESPN reported that Mevs and Nix agreed to sell the monster, which will be seen by Porzings, Courtney Lee and Tim Harvey Jr. in Dallas, in exchange for Denis Smith Jr, Wesley Matthews and De Andy Jordan.

There are some risks associated with Dallas, because Porzings has been away from last season with an ACL injury.

But if he returns to fulfill the promise he showed in his early career in New York, he will form a terrible duo with his favorite Luke Doncic.

The move came after the Latvian star Porzingis expressed concern over the direction of Kness on a meeting with management on Thursday.

Porsinis "expressed its concern about the loss, the direction of the franchise and the uncertainty in the development of culture that will allow for sustained organizational success," ESPN reported.

Porzings had a mini-controversy with David Fisheil in November, when the first coach of Nix, the first coach, said the 23-year-old striker did not start sprint as part of his rehabilitation.

A few hours later, Porzingis went to Instagram to post pictures of herself as a sprinter on the track, with another UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov who included the title: "This is the number one bulls-t".

Now he is a sprint in Dallas and the league can not quite believe it.

"Knox" gets a point of guarding the future in Smith, who had a triple double in the garden on Wednesday night and now needs enough room for two maximum free agents – with Kevin Durant and Curie Irving directly on their radar.

One source said that General Manager Scott Perry and Mavs head Donnie Nelson were behind closed doors in the garden, discussing scenarios when Mavericks faced the Knicks on Wednesday night.

The meeting on Thursday was followed by Porzings and his agent / brother Yannis. The Porzingis brothers expressed concern about the direction of the team and the loss of culture, and the Knicks were set to entertain more offers before the next trading term next Thursday.

ESPN reported that Nix had the impression that Porzingis would like to sell. One source said that Nix does not want an unsatisfied player who does not believe in their plan.

He missed the entire season with his ACL rehabilitation and it is unclear whether he will play this season.

"Knicks" passed to Smith in the draft plan for Frank Nilikina from 2017. Super-athlete Smith, who averaged 12.9 points and 4.3 assists per game this season, after setting 15.2 and 5.2 as a rookie, was recently bought, and "Post" reported that Knicks were interested in him before the season.

Hardware and Lee have contracts that do not expire until 2020. Niks buys Lee from the summer and Hardway from the recent crisis in his performance.

According to the source, Porzingis had these feelings for several years, leading to his missed meeting after the end of the 2016-17 season, but reports on the Porzingis Nix that could be available in the trade did not meet well with Porzingis.

One source said Yiannis Porzings was worried about Anthony Davis's rumors this week, while the Knicks fell to the bottom of the NBA at 10-40. Pursuing this summer will be a limited free agent, and the Knicks could match each offer.

Steve Mills was GM at a time when Porzings blew himself out of the squad with Phil Jackson, the then president of the team, and now Mills is in charge. That summer, Mills did not attempt to visit Porzingis in Europe. Sources indicated that mistrust is still sheltered for this.

Porcings also did not extend the contract in October, as the Nix wanted to preserve his cap and be able to sign it with a passage through pay.

– with the New York Post

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