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Julian Moore's stunning performance rely on the film

With all the excitement and boxing records of Avengers: Endgame, it would be crazy to program another movie edition against it, right?

This movie will have to be so different to have some photography this week.

Gloria Bell is exactly that movie. In the lead role of the famous Juliana Moore with an assisted team that includes John Turturo, Brad Garrett, Michael Cera and Karen Pistorius, Gloria Bell can not be further away from Avengers.

Directed by: Sebastian Lelio (Fantastic wife, Disobedience), Gloria Bell is processing his Chilean film in 2013 Gloria.

It is a cautious and exciting adult drama in which Moore proves once again why he is such an amazing performer. She is on every scene and is beautiful.

Gloria is a middle-aged divorce with two adult children and insurance work.

Enthusiastic patron of a dance club visited by other middle-aged people, Gloria finds joy on the podium in her dresses for dresses Diane von Furstenberg, who fights along with retro hits.

The musical signs of the film are not what you call subtle – Gloria Gaynor He can never say goodbye and Anita Ward Ring my bell are among the first songs you are listening to. Get it? Gloria. And the bell.

Before the end of the movie, you will hear melodies from John Paul Yang, Olivia Newton-John, Bonnie Tyler, Earth, Wind and Fire and Air Supply – all those songs with babies that get your fingers.

One night at the club, she meets Arnold, a divorced man who is immediately defeated by Gloria.

Swimming in puppeteer love is not easy – Arnold (Turturro) is loaded with a dependent ex-wife and two adult daughters with no capacity to take care of themselves.

What makes him uncomfortable courting.

Gloria Bell is not a movie where much "happens". It's a character study of the life of this woman, from greater moments how to start a new romance of the mundane, as the hands of the chest was washed in the sink.

All her things are happening with other people – her son (Cera) has a new baby daughter and a missing partner, and her daughter (Pistorius) falls in love with a surfer from a big wave in Sweden.

But, support for everything Gloria Bell is the instability and unpredictability of life, happiness, loneliness, fulfillment and discontent.

It's so complex and understated as its main character, revived by Moore with lively quality, and texture.

Moore is in every scene of this film and is perfect in each of these frames. When she is on that podium, she loses herself in the rhythm, no matter how her movements are shaken or where the elbows are swaying, that's, well, gloriously.

Wonderfully shot by cinematographer Natasha Brier using filtered light, Lelio created a world in which you want to enjoy. And if it means having two friendships with Moore, then who could argue with that?

Gloria Bell is a mature, character-driven movie anchored with incredible performance.

Rating: ★★★ ½

Gloria Bell is now in the cinema

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