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It's "Kombat" Vs. "Man" In March 2021

Her Combat Against Man in March 2021

Several key announcements advertise date today, with two large tentpoles set to fight on March 5, 2021.

Yesterday Sony Pictures and Mattel Films set aside this date for their long-awaited adaptation to live action "The Masters of the Universe", starring Noah Stoineo as He-Man. The film was originally released for Christmas this year, but pulled back when the film did not start.

Today, Warner Bros. Pictures also left aside the same date for Mortal Kombat, the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures, a new film adaptation of the brutally violent video games that James Van will produce.

Simon McVidoid will lead the film, re-starting two previous films in the late 1990s, with a pre-production that began in South Australia before filming later this year or early next year.

They are not the only dates to change although Vertical Entertainment has taken over US rights to the re-fantasy of LD's entertainment on the 1990's "Jacob's Scale". DISH will present the film in an exclusive window in July 2019, followed by a theater release in August.

The original actress Tim Robbins as a Vietnamese veterinarian, who suffers from a severe case of dissociation. Michael Eally runs this version that is said to be very different.

Finally, STX postponed its trilateral "21 bridges" led by Boston for two months, opening it now on 27 September this year. In addition, the action comedy Dave Bautista "My Spy" was set on 23 August.

Source: Box-Office Mojo

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