Sunday , January 17 2021

Ieeki O Henderson branded “no blonde” via phone comments

The host of KIIS radio, Oe Henderson, reacted by saying on the air that it should be legal for drivers to use their mobile phones and send text messages while stopped at a red light.

While she insisted that drivers should definitely not use their mobile phones while the car was moving, the 45-year-old told NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian that there should be some road for drivers stopped at the red light. lights.

Comments, given on The show of Kyle and Jackie O. on Thursday seriously angered fans who hacked into Facebook claiming her comments were irresponsible.

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One listener said it was “dumb” to make that comment, while others suggested that it did not set a good example as someone who has a lot of listeners while driving.

“She is either not a driver or she is a very poor driver! “Stupid nut,” one person wrote.

“She’s really strolling and talking about the stereotype of ‘no blonde,'” another said.

“They should not pay attention to what is happening around them. Sure if emergency people can move along the road and send one safely !!! Wrote another fan.

“I would like to see someone in front of her in the lights sending a text and they do not pay attention,” wrote another person.

During the appearance of Mrs. Beredziklian on The show of Kyle and Jackie O., she warned

Sydneysiders said “there will be cameras there if you are on the phone” as well as “additional monitoring” of New South Wales roads in the coming weeks.

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Interestingly, co-host Kyle Sandilands disagreed with Jackie O, agreeing with Ms. Berejiklian that there should be no “phones” in the car at any time.

“I am never on the phone, I am a big believer that there are no phones while driving. “There are definitely no messages,” Kyle explained.

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“Because at every traffic light you go to turn right, every person is on their phone.”

“It’s okay, you give them some rubbish,” he said.

Ms Beredziklian said: “No, distraction is really bad.”

Jackie O then had to make it clear that she was not advocating texting while driving, but said it was okay to look at the phone briefly.

“I agree while driving, but you do not mean while we are sitting at traffic lights and have nothing to do, we can not just look at something?” She asked.

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