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Gamescom 2019: Borderlands 3 Spices Up The Endgame With The New Proving Grounds Game Mode

We're just weeks away from the highly anticipated inaugural release Borderlands 3. The high-octane, insane first-person RPG shooter is set to make a resounding comeback after 5 years with an even bigger planetary adventure.

At Gamescom Opening Night Live, we saw the devs at Gearbox Software release a brand-new trailer showcasing the highlights of the new game. But what's even cooler is the announcement of a new game mode: the Proving Grounds.

proving grounds borderlands 3

The Proving Grounds is a new piece of mid-to-endgame content that puts your skills to the test. These are gauntlet-style side quests that you can access by "uncovering hidden Eridian writing" located throughout your regular playthrough, which reveal coordinates for new planets where these Proving Grounds are located.

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Once you head there and accept the quest, enter an arena that pits you against waves of various creatures such as skags, varkids and jabbers. And within half an hour, you need to clear them all, including the miniboss, in order to succeed.

The faster you complete a Proving Grounds trial, the reward will be even more handsomely. Additionally, if you can find and kill the slippery Fallen Guardian, get even more loot at the end of your run.

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But the Proving Grounds are almost all new Borderlands 3; also the return of the beloved Circle of Slaughter arena missions from the very first Borderlands.

For the uninitiated, Circle of Slaughter is another gauntlet-style series of quests, but instead of trying to complete it as quickly as possible, it's supposed to slug it out until the timer expires, and then you reap the rewards. Also, the flamboyant and bombastic Mister Torgue adds his EXPLOSIVE FLAIR to the flavor of the Circle of Slaughter as well as a nice touch.

Whether playing through these new and returning side missions alone or with a group, expect the fun they have Borderlands 3 to expand exponentially when it releases on September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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