Sunday , April 18 2021

Gallery: A fan is skeptical of this year's project for drawing every skillful throw

Over the past few weeks, we have shared art galleries made by the fan a little more often than usual, and the answer from you was very nice, except wonderful. Continuing this current trend, we came across a project that encompasses every character Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – and there are some pretty brilliant entries to be here.

J. Marme, a screenwriter and a huge fan of Nintendo, took him to Instagram to share artwork from every character to grace our screens for crushing so far – not unlike God of War current project for art director Raf Grassy. The project started more than a year ago – from Mario, of course – and ended a few days ago with the Joker.

The whole set has a consistent style, although we consider the work of J. Marmas are constantly getting stronger and stronger over the weeks and months. It's interesting to see how the project merges, and we really dig the style. Here's a small selection:

In a nice touch, J. Marme now added every one of the banner designs, just like the famous Smash fresco used as a promotional art for the game. You can see this and the whole set of drawings in @ j.marme.

What do you think? Are you a fan of artistic style? We look forward to seeing new works for the upcoming DLC ​​characters, too!

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