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Dyson Introduces Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Conditioner

The first thing that comes to my mind when you think of Dyson is her ever-popular vacuum.

The brand launched its latest "intelligent" V11 vacuum just five months ago, and his family has hair and lighting products as well as a hand dryer.

But the company is not over yet, with a new device that it believes will blow the minds of Dyson's hardcore fans – a "personalized" fan of purification.

Buyers will not receive a product that is unique to them. Personalization stems from the fact that this is just for you – rather than the brand purification range that solves "whole room needs".

Instead, the Dyson Pure Cool Me allows customers to "take control" of their own air-purifying air quality directly around them.

"We already have a purification range that solves the needs of the whole room. But we received a lot of feedback from customers who wanted that personal touch. They wanted to take control of their own area, "Tom Mogridge, senior engineer for environmental control at Disson, told

"Especially in an office environment where you don't have control over the whole environment, it's not your responsibility to make sure the air quality is perfect, but we realized that there is another way to take control of the air you breathe."

Mr Mogridge said the product is also useful for those who suffer from allergies.

"If you are particularly sensitive to dust and have allergies, you get that high quality of dust filters – you get that direct air-cleaning column above you and you can really feel the air you breathe is that cleaner air compared to what you can to be around you. "

It's one of those things you never thought you needed until you realized people were consuming about 9,000 liters of air a day.

Dyson engineers needed 366 mechanical strength tests to get the product straight Рthis involved floor dropping and hitting, because… these things happen.

Prototypes of the machine from 2022 were also developed.


The dome-shaped fan combines Dyson's knowledge of science and technology.

Its engineers found that when two air planes meet on a convex surface, they merge to form a high-pressure core and a focused airflow.

In other words, they have found a way to create a compact product that is revolutionizing the way you get cleaner air.

According to Dyson, its HEPA filter absorbs 99.95% of particulate pollutants such as pollen, mold, grease and bacteria.

"The HEPA filter will absorb even the smallest particles, up to 0.1 microns. For reference,

it's 300 times narrower than human hair, "said Mogridge.

In addition to the office, Dyson recommends using it in bedrooms where people spend about a third of their lives.

While most fans tend to give up, which is the last thing you want when you're trying to get a good night's sleep, Mr. Mogridge says you will hardly know that Dyson's new fan is in the room.

"To make sure it is comfortable to use in the immediate vicinity, our acoustic engineers conducted more than 1,000 tests in Dyson's semi-anechoic chamber, measuring the volume and sound quality – and tested this when only 20 cm from the machine, "he said.

The product also has an "intelligent light sensor system" so it automatically dries or illuminates in real time and can be set to turn off.


The Dyson Pure Cool Me will set you back $ 499, but Mr Mogridge said it's a one-time investment for your well-being.

"It's a product that will benefit you for a long time," he said.

"Air quality is something that doesn't affect us right away, although it does for allergies, but long-term exposure to air quality is what really affects you."

Replacing the filter will cost you $ 99 each time – it can take up to a year if you use it for about eight hours a day.

Range: Available in white / silver and firearms / copper.

Sleep Timer: At night, you can set the sleep timer anywhere from 30 minutes to eight hours.

70 degree oscillation: Can rotate from side to side to deliver airflow over a 70 degree range.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me will be available online from September 6 at the Dyson Store.

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