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Delay in Windows 10 1809: new Arm computers are to be sent with a non-tested Windows 1803 system


Replacing Microsoft with Windows October 10, 2018 October Update, version 1809, has thrown the key in the work for new laptops based on the Windows frame from Samsung and Lenovo.

Windows 10 1809 is still suspended a month after Microsoft pulled it out because it deleted users' photos and documents after installation. This was a big headache for interested consumers, but Microsoft has halted the release for most of the 700 million users of Windows 10.

Bad sideways, the retired 1809 issue created a domino effect for hardware partners supporting the new Microsoft Windows category on Arm Always Connected on a PC that works on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets.

The first batch with Snapdragon 845 chips had a great battery life, but did not achieve performance for 1000 USD.

The newer Snapdragon 850 chipset built on the PC with a clock up to 2.96 GHz promised to solve the performance gap.

This generation of Windows devices on the frame include Galaxy Book2 from Samsung and Yoga C630 from Lenovo, which became available this month in the run-up to Christmas shopping.

But there is a problem, because Windows observer Brad Sams pays attention to Petri. These new, inexpensive Windows PCs on the shoulder are sold with a version of Windows 10 that Microsoft has not tested, works with the Snapdragon 850 chipset.

Microsoft checks the correctness of every version of Windows 10, supporting specific chips from Intel, AMD, and more recently also Qualcomm.

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Windows 10 1709 and 1803 were checked for Snapdragon 835. Windows 1809 was confirmed to support Snapdragon 850, but 1803 was never tested for this chip as described on the Microsoft help pages.

Due to critical errors regarding Windows 10 1809, it seems that Microsoft seems less risky in providing Windows 10 1803 to the new Snapdragon 850 devices, although it has not confirmed that it works with them.

According to Sams & # 39; s OEM sources, Microsoft's 1809 mess has created a "severe headache", forcing them to send products with unproven software, which can mean compatibility and support issues.

Sams found a Lenovo device in BestBuy and used Windows 10 1803, which means that consumers will not see the features available only in 1809, which were promoted before the premiere.

Of course, Microsoft could re-issue Windows 10 1809 in the next few days, but some expected it to do so by the end of October.

The company is testing patched versions of the operating system using Windows Insiders since its October 6 update.

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