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Darwin Paper is a touching troll from Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth

On Northern Territory news can only be called home to the 15th largest city in Australia, but like a yappy-type dog that does not show fear of a hated German shepherd, his favorite newspaper topped him in almost every other city in Australia with a spectacular and bad model.

In an epic statement on Twitter Wednesday, which continues early in the morning, anyone in charge of social media in the daily newspaper has dropped twice to the other side of Australia's other capitals. But most often Adelaide.

The newspaper, which as is part of News Corp Australia, won numerous awards for its pretty headline titles. Now it seems that he has set his stance on domination in the space for social media.

In the capitals, so we all knew that Darwin yelled (they seem to be far) on NT News He went to the city telling his 48,000 followers Adelaide was "MOST BOING CITY IN AUSTRALIA", Melbourne was one of "the most successful places where he ever wondered", Newcastle was "SH * THOLE", denied that Perth was actually the right place and claimed "WHAT IS TASMANIA?".

When some face the challenge of why NT News was in a crusade to ruin the reputation of anywhere outside the territory, the person who wrote was claiming at one point that he had just found a random phone that was announced on Twitter's account at NT.

And when another suggested Darwin was not all that well, and beer was actually rubbish, NT News replied that beer was: "THE BEST PHYSICIS DINGO PIS A B ** TARD (NAME FOR OUR CURRENT) CAN BUY".

When someone asks if the manager of social media is drunk, the NT News replied "yes".

The first Titus started, as many types did, during a sporting event when the second city of NT in Alice Springs appeared, was to be a captive cricket game from the Big Bash League between Adelaide Strikers and Perth Scorchers because the pitch was not up to scratch .

On NT News informed his readers via Twitter that the match will now be moved to Adelaide.

This information prompted one reader to answer: "How bad should Adelaide be the preferred option … for nothing?"

On NT News was in a furious deal. That answered the commentator – and only for good measure marked Stephen Marshall, the prime minister of South Australia – in the answer: "WE DO NOT HAVE SPEAKING PERSONLY FOR ADELAID, ALI ADELAID TAKES OR WHAT?"

And just like it was. Gorilla Adelaide, including the NT NewsSister paper in the SA Advertiser, insulted the mainland, but had no effect. For good measure, the NT News then decided to go to every other big city.

Tirada lasted about 15 solid hours, just stopped at 1am on Wednesday morning, when, exhausted, on NT News"A Twitter account was thinking:" NIGHT ALL. ONE WARNING I WILL PROTECT FOR NEW WORKING WORKS ".

This morning a new tweet appeared on NT News & # 39; Twitter profile.



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