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Console players can not beat the division of the division 2

More than 24 hours after it started, the Division 2The raid is just cleared by people who play the game on a computer. Players of Xbox One and PS4 failed continuously, which led to discussions that the attack is too difficult for those who play the console.

The attack, dubbed Operation Dark Hours, is set in a fictionalized version of the Reagan National Airport in Washington DC and causes eight players to fight from the entry line to the asphalt, facing four major combat encounters on the road.

The first team that ended the raid did so more than five hours after launching it on Friday at 7:00 am. They played on a computer, and in a few minutes other PC players followed. The leaders of the PS4 raid remain empty. When we were last able to check the leaders of the Xbox One today, at 5:00 am, AEST, they were empty.

"It can not be played on a console," wrote one person on Twitter in response official Tweet this morning, raining on the raid.

On game ruleswhere the frustration of the players pops up threads of themes, the popular titles include: "Console Gamers got the shafts for the raid?", "Petition for DEVS to end the CONSOLE raid!", and "The First Console deserves the White House Photo on their own." The latter is a reference to the awards in the game given to the team that first cleared the raid.

Raids should be challenging. They are meant to be some of the most difficult tasks available in an online game.

Computer players also often have some technological advantages, including higher image rates and more precise controls on the mouse and keyboard, which can allow players, especially in shooting games such as Destiny or Department, to strive faster and more precisely. This is one of the main issues for console players who are struggling with the "Dark Hour" operation.

"[T]that rais run at 60 fps is very different from the attack running at 30 fps ", writes one Reddit user, assessing why the raid is much harder on the console of the computer.

They stressed that meetings in the raid seemed to rely on players who can quickly turn around and aim without resorting to cover, something that is much more difficult to do on the consoles. They added: "The slow nature of animations makes it difficult to overcome multiple enemies in a short period of time."

In forums and social media, console players say they are stuck on the first boss, an extremely tough enemy called Boomer.

In the electricity yesterday, game developers said Boomer would serve as a test to ensure that players had strong enough character breasts to get through the raid. In addition, they say, things will be more a matter of tactical pursuit, than the need for greater character power.

At Boomer's meeting, a player needs to draw the attention of the boss and rattle him around the room, rolling around to shoot in his coffin to prevent automatic healing. Other players will simultaneously try to reduce it, while robbing hordes of relatively weaker soldiers.

Later meetings require the precise recording of swarms of small drones in treacherous areas where enemies rush from all sides. Players should be able to convert and record accurately and quickly.

If Boomer is a power level check, he confirms that console players are in deep trouble. Redditor, who goes under the name bf_pheno, today announced that they needed 10 hours to beat Boomer on the PS4 for their team. This feat has been gained as an excellent player in the community of the game, where there is little discussion of how console players are taking place in the next meetings.

The video of the ultimate triumphal attempt by the bf_pheno team starts with one member of the team ready to give up.

"" I will give them three more attempts, and then I will finish ".

"I'll give him a little more than that. We can do this."

And, of course, they do.

In Reddit's comments, bf_pheno indicated that one of his colleagues was drunk and was kicked out in favor of a better player, making things easier. "But they need to adjust the difficulty for the IMO consoles. The computer has too much advantage," they added.

Later, they joked: "I can not wait to spend the whole day on my last boss :))" He took the computer team that beat the raids for the first time for three hours to defeat the final raiser of the raid, longer than the previous three combined.

It's not clear how much they got in the attack, but the gaps for the PS4 show they did not finish.

In yesterday's article on the brains of console players, writer Paul Tassi explained that the situation is worse than the fact that Section 2 does not allow players to achieve a higher level than the one required for the raid:

The current max of the entire content in Section 2 is a 500 gearbox, the raid falls into a 500 gearbox. So, there is no way to "pry" about it in time, but you need to focus on mini-increasing the construction within on the 490-500 GS range, and the raid has made it clear that it is the best and indeed the only way forward is DPS, DPS, DPS, so you might be 498 like me, but if you do not purchase + 30-50% damage to your weapon, AR damage and damage to the elites, you do not do enough damage to make significant progress even in the first part of the raid. I watched teams of experts yesterday that went through some of the toughest contents in every game there, yet this was such a check of equipment that you just had to give up, almost all of them at the first meeting.

A website called a fatal attack report that tracks world records in Destiny 2 raids suggest that, once the game was on a computer and consoles, PC players always end the attacks first. Console players tend to lag, but only for hours. In just one situation, the console players took one day longer than the computer players to finish the attack first.

Developers of the Massive game have yet to publicly resolve the console players' battles, and a game representative did not respond to Kotaku's request for comment. There is a good chance that the weekend will allow players more time to improve their performance in the attack and identify more successful strategies, but if the console players fail, it is clear that something will have to change.

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