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Clint Steve Smith saw member of the Lord thrown out during the Second Test

The prestigious Cricket Marylebone club expelled one of its members from the Lord after he verbally abused Steve Smith in the famous Long Room of the Pavilion.

The incident occurred when Smith walked off the field after making a bold 92, returning to the midfield after a 40-minute break after being hit in the neck by Byofra Archer.

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According to a Cricket report, an unidentified member called Smith a "cheat and shame" because he returned to the dressing room in Australia.

It is believed to be the first time a member has been expelled from the Lord's pavilion as a result of misconduct.

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Future members of the ICF must sit on the 18-year waiting list to join and the club's AGM introduced a code of conduct earlier this year to eradicate bad behavior.

Although there has been generally warm applause for Smith since he was sacked by Chris Wokes on Saturday, there has been color rust around the ground and they have been condemned by commentators including Jane Warn, Michael Wogan, Mark Taylor and Ian Healy.

"Just get up, chuckle and say he's brave, very brave," Warn said in the comment.

Taylor, who was on the field in her role for Nain, said the scam was "very disappointing" as colleague Healy went a step further. "It was disgusting," said Healy. "God will not be pleased with that. They dislike any element of behavior of the "obbo" crowd.

The Australian Cricket Association also issued a statement criticizing the crowd.

"What was unwanted and inaccurate was the sound of the player being exploited," President Greg Dyer said.

"Cricket deserves much better than that. And the Lord, the home of cricket, deserves much better than that too.

“What we witnessed was the courage of a remarkable young man. It should be commended, not condemned. "

Dyer said it was time to end the ship. "During the English summer, the crowd was generally scary and really added to the game. But when someone is injured, but the bosses continue, it's time to call "enough," he said.

"In any case, the players have already served the most severe penalties in the history of cricket. It is time to move forward. "

Smith, who was excluded from the Lord's Test for a concussion, and David Warner have been crowds since arriving in England in May before the Cricket World Cup.

Next comes their return to cricket from their one-year ban after a ball incident that prevented the South African incident.

Asked about drinking after the game, Australian coach Justin Justin Langer was initially at a loss for words and simply raised his hands in a gesture of "what can I do?"

"What can I say? Whatever I say – I've talked enough about bosses, there's nothing we can do about bosses," he said.

"I think people have shown great admiration for Steve Smith since he arrived in England so far, and there are many people standing and applauding him.

"So there are a few people who could do it (rich) but there is nothing we can do about it."

But English bowler Voix chose not to condemn the noise. "People have the right to do whatever they want, it depends on them and what they think is necessary," Wokes said.

"What they think of as a person is right and wrong. To get Steve out, after being hit as he was, he showed courage and character. "

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