Friday , April 16 2021

Charlize Theron closed the French TV host

Charlize Theron called a French TV presenter to live in the air after kissing a female translator without the permission of a woman.

The unfortunate moment came as co-star Teron and Long Shot, Seth Rogen, appeared on the French chat show Touche pas à mon poste (or, It's just television).

Drawing closer to Roggen and Theron, TV presenter Kirill Hanuna seemed to surprise the French translator by pairing by leaning over to plant a big kiss on her cheek:

It was also a surprise, Teron and Rogen.

"Oh, I'm going. It was … maybe you asked, the next time?" Said Teron to the host, correcting him with a steady look:

Hanuna allegedly asked the interpreter whether she enjoyed it was "titanized" by the kiss. That question was posed in French, so it seems that it happened without Theron or Rogen consciousness of what happened.

That exchange was in French, so Teron and Rogen apparently were not aware that he was also considering the problem.

Social media is divided over Theron's actions – some say thank you for the standing of a woman, and others claim that the kiss of the cheek (loved or not) is a common French custom. Others noted that this is not the first time a French TV host has faced criticism of unwanted physical advances:

Teron, 43, appeared on the cover pages last week when she revealed in a new interview that her seven-year-old child identifies him as a girl.

The Oscar winner acknowledged that Jackson was born as a man, but four years ago she discovered that she was actually a girl.

"Yes, I thought he was a boy, too" Atomic blonde star for the Daily Mail.

"Until he looked at me when he was three years old and said," I'm not a boy! "

"So, you go. I have two beautiful daughters who, like any parent, I want to protect and want to make progress.

"They are born who they are, and exactly where in the world both of them are found to be born, and whoever wants to be, it is not for me to decide."

Teron adopted Jackson in 2012 and her second daughter, August, in 2015.

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