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Celine Dion returns criticism to her slim frame with an open message

Celine Dion became a regular meeting of fashion shows thanks to her new look, but not all attention was positive.

The singer has a blunt response to the critics of her slim figure and fashion dress, telling The sun she did not have time for negative comments.

"If I like, I do not want to talk about it. Do not bother. Do not take a picture," said Dion. "If you like, I'll be there. If not, leave me alone."

Dion said he was "in the best of my life right now" and plans to "enjoy and accept" his life.

"It's all new. It's like having a second wind – 50 is great for me," she said.

Dion, whose husband and manager Rene Angelil tragically died from cancer in 2016, has previously stated People how her new interest in fashion was a welcome departure from her grief.

"I have always loved fashion, as far as I can remember," she said.

"But, as everyone knows, I've been through some extremely difficult times in recent years, and I guess I'm spreading my wings a little more these days, with the help of beautiful clothes and accessories."

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In her interview with The sun Dion also abandoned rumors that she was a friend, Pepe Munoz, 34, after the pair was spotted together on a number of occasions.

"We are friends, we are best friends. Of course, we embrace and hold our hands and go out so that people see it." "I mean, he's a gentleman." He gives me a hand to get out, "said Dion.

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