Sunday , January 24 2021

Bye Bye Binance: BSV Supporter has promised to build its own exchange

Crypto Exchange is trying to destroy Satoshi's vision, but at least one exchange will continue to trade. Jack Liu, founder of Multi-Currency Payments Relayx apartment, teamed up with OKEx to build a new market dedicated to the Bitcoin Cash fork.

A new exchange, called Float SV, will be built on the top of the OKNodes program, a white label solution that allows developers to build their own exchange of OKEx technology. According to Liu's announcement, Float SV will only support blocking of SHA256, such as BTC and BCH, and "real" assets like commodities and currencies. The exchange will not support any other blockbuster, securities or the WTO.

OKEx did not take sides in an argument between the Binans and Craig Wright, and publicly stated that it would not remove BSV.

FloatSV is not the first collaboration between Liu and OKEK. Liu was previously Chief Strategic Director at OK Group Holding Company.

"[I]It's great to get back using a confidential and scalable OC exchange infrastructure that I am very familiar with " Liu said in a statement. "Float SV can count on the OK to be a neutral technology platform."

Although the latest wave of exchange trades is likely to cause a slowdown in the market, supporters of the Satoshi Vision will likely continue to fight. Jimmy Nguyen, executive director of nChain, has ruled out the concerns that price cuts could lead to attacks on the hash force against BSV.

"We are not concerned about this," he said Crypto Briefing. "Abolition of Exchange is not relevant to overall network security".

The #DelistBSV movement is likely to continue to cause tangles, as one exchange after another removes controversial forks. Although Float SV is unlikely to replace Binance for the volume of trade, it can provide a final output when other exits are closed.

Paddy Baker contributed to reporting.


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