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Ashton Bombers talks to Collingwood Maggie Mason Cox

Speculation about Cox's interest first arose when the big man Collingwood was seen at Essen's headquarters in Tulamarine in a great final week. That attendance proved to be innocent since he was there for a children's party or clinic, but sources have since suggested that the connection between Cox and Esendon had grown and trade talks had begun.

The top player in the AFL, Cox used primarily as a striker and second baseman on Collingwood, which is the type of role played by Daniel.

When he was last out of contract in 2017, Cox received a significant offer from the Brisbane Lions, who saw him as a better forward-thinking racer and planned to play more in the coffin.

Collingwood re-signed Cox, then on a landmark deal in 2017, fearing he could go to the bottom of the Brisbane ladder for anything through the pre-season draft. It is scheduled for next year with the activation for 2021.


Given injuries to both Danielle and Tom Bolhambers in recent years, Cox may be an additional choice for running and not just a emergency plan for Daniel.

However, it is unlikely that the suicide bombers could afford to detain him if they did not get the money out of his hat.

There is a long uncertainty about the future of the suicide bomber Orazio Fantasia.

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