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Ashlet 2019: Australia vs. England

Australian selectors will name their team for the defense of Ales at the end of next week, after a four-day game featuring 24 of the leading players from across the country.

Southampton will be the place where Australia will win Australia A, with the first Test in Edgaston starting on August 1.

Former Australian captain Jan Chappel sat down Broad world of sports to give an opinion on how the two sides shape themselves before Ash.

Battle for number six

Assuming that Usman Kawaya's mosque is good in time, the top five in the Australian queue appear to have settled down. David Warner is expected to merge Marcus Harris to the top, with Khawaja, Steve Smith and Travis Chapter to follow.

But it's number six place that has many experts scratching their heads. Curtis Peterson is current, having impressed in his debut series against Sri Lanka at the end of the Australian summer. And made 30 in his first test match, followed by 114 * in Canberra means that the left-hand player of New South Wales did not do anything wrong in his two matches.

But Joe Burns is likely to squeeze out of Warner's return, Matthew Wade continues to collect the tracks, and the young pistol Will Puchowski waits on his wings, Paterson's sixth number is not guaranteed.

"One issue with the Australian lineup is the number of leftists, which may be a problem," Chappel told Broad world of sports.

"Most likely Barnes or Patterson will be the sixth number, and Barnes could get a gig just to throw another right hand.

"It does not have to be a good reason to choose a bunch, but if you think there is not a lot between two players, it could go in the Barnes way just to get extra diversity."

As for the possible involvement of Wade, Chapel can not find a place for the former guard.

"Wade's work is that they come against ordinary attacks. There is no test boxer in Shield's wings, and those countries they play do not have one of the best players, so there are very average attacks." You need to be careful to make decisions in that kind of form.

"It's easy to say" choose this man "because he does things, but then he has to drop someone.

"What about Wade is that he plays enough cricket to know how to run against ordinary attacks, but how does he go against the opponents of Jimmy Anderson and Joffre Archer, if he answers? I doubt there's no improvement in the blockages that are there, and Patterson have the advantage of being younger.

"There must be one eye for the future and going to Wade will be a retrograde step."

Tim Payne vs. Alex Carey

On the surface this is not a no-brainer. Tim Payne has done a great job after stepping into Captaincy in 2018, leading the team with applause and leading the way through rocky water balls.

But Paine's average average of taking the reverses is 27.62, and suitable for a goalkeeper 25 years ago, but not scratching the modern era. Alex Kerry was impressed at the recent World Cup, scoring 375 races at 62.50, and earning the fifth place in the semifinals against England. The white balls are not always translated into the cricket test (recall Michael Bevan?) And the first grade Kerry, an average of an average of 29.43, certainly needs to be improved.

But Kerry is next month next year, and if he goes to play Test cricket selectors will want to make him aside sooner rather than later.

And while Chopel believes that Kerry should be in the team for England, his entry into the game eleven is a different perspective.

"With the history of Paine after a finger injury, you have to have a spare goalkeeper in the team, and apparently Kerry is the one." But the problem of getting Kerry in the eleventh is the fact that Paine is captain, if you drop Paine, who is at the helm of the page? That's a big problem.

"I do not see anyone there who could take the captain if Pane was rejected".

Even looking beyond the Ashes, by 2020, when Smith will again become captain, Chappell is not convinced that he will replace Paine as a captain.

"I'm not sure that Smith will again captain, he can certainly return to Test cricket as a batsman, but I am not convinced that he can return as a captain.

"But after I said that, I still do not see where the next captain comes from, except Smith. I think it would be reluctant to make Captain Smith again, and I'm not sure he will love him especially.

"They may regret having said Warner can never hide.

"The circumstances of Smith who lose their captain will be a factor for him." "Taking a tribute is a very important thing, and I think it will be difficult for Smith to attain that level of respect that you need as a captain." He is a totally different personality to Warner, so I think what happened in South Africa will play Smith's mind more than it will have on Warner.

"The selectors will hope that Tim Peine's hell continues to work for at least another six months. They would like to get Pepel and the Australian summer out of him as a minimum."

All rounded

Australian cricket has been obsessed with all the escalators in recent years, looking noisy for a player who can bang into the top six and fill the role of the fifth cake. Shane Watson averaged 35 with a bat and 33 with the ball, but after playing the last of his 59 tests in 2015, the position is a little door.

Markus Stoinis and Glenn Maxwell suffered a tough World Cup (mildly speaking), Mitchell Marsh was 12 months out of the race, and Hilton Cartier is unlikely to add in his two tests anytime soon.

Chappell is blunt in his assessment of the potential all rounders, believing that no one is currently on the test standard.

"No, none of them is good enough, and you just can not afford to play somebody just because they are complete. You can forget Stoinis as a serif, his training is not up to Test cricket," Chapel said.

"Mitch Marsh also showed several times that his queen is not ready for Test cricket or, if it ever will be.

"None of these guys requires inclusion."

The Australian Bowling Group is first-class

In 2017/18, Mitch Starz, Pat Kammins, Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon created history, providing the first instance in the history of the tests of four boxers who claim that each of these will fall into a series of five games.

It seems likely that the same quartet will come out on the ground next month in Edgaston, although with Starc and Cummins played in all the matches of the World Cup in Australia, and Hazlewood returned from injury to the lower back, the probability is that a trio may need to is administered through five tests in seven weeks.

All indications are James Pattinson to be involved in the team, potentially playing his first test in three years after the horror of the injury. With experienced Peter Siddle, also waiting for wings, the Australian bowling group is world class.

"It's a good look, because if you have someone who is tired and needing a break, you have James Pattinson to come," Chappel said.

"He's a wonderful boiler and you certainly do not lose anything by playing. He's at the same level as Starc, Cummins and Hazlewood.

"It's a very good group with Pattinson and Siddle as your backup." "Fighting is the least of our problems." "We have a good attack and decent substitutions." It's a quilt that will decide whether Australia will win or lose. "

The highest order of England is fragile

England struggled to find a permanent combination to open after Andrew Strauss retired in 2012, and Alastair Cook's recent departure has only worsened the problem. White ball opener Jason Roy is named to make his debut for testing the match next week against Ireland, which shows he will open in Ashleigh.

The best three Roy, Rory Barnes and Joe Denny are unlikely to fear the hearts of Australian boulders.

"England's main problem is Ruth's reluctance to strike at three," Chappel said.

"Australia with Warner in a row is better than England at the top, even though England is scared more deeply.

"They have a hell of a lot of guys who can fly five and six, but they are not so good at the top of the order. I'll be very interested in seeing Jason Roy go.

"The Atlantic is larger than the highest in Australia."

The ashes will be live on the Nine from August 1st.

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