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Air New Zealand withdraws safety video from flights

Air New Zealand pulls a controversial video for a safe rap from aircraft and replaces it with a previous version after harsh criticism.

The video, featuring local New Zealand musicians Kings, Randa and Theya, rapping for the safety of the plane over the impacts of Run DMC and Sisters Underground, is being removed from flights at the end of today.

In its place, a previously released safety clip called the Summer of Safety starring Rachel Hunter and used in 2016 will display its place.

Air New Zealand says its decision is based on a new campaign to encourage domestic travel and promote tourism in Northland.

The glass of the previous video appeared after rapper Denzel Curry, one of the performers of the title of the Laneway Festival in Auckland on Monday, criticized the video he showed before flying to Australia.

Other commentators are hip-hop singer Anderson. Paack and tour manager for actor and rapper Donald Glover.

Sharp New Zealand Herald a column called a security video "unbearable" and urged the piston to disappear before affecting the career of the artists involved.

Regional Minister for Economic Development, Shane Jones, was also not a fan of the video.

"I do not want to be too small," Jones said in November.

"But reality is (video) trivializes security; I think it's a juvenile arm and it's painless."

He said that at that time he was sitting on several aircraft planes, many of which were confused by the video.

"Based on my very scientific assessment of the views of passengers for that video, I've never heard a F-word more often and do not say" first class. ""

Although not a fan of this video, Jones enjoyed some of the previous security videos of Air NZ – including the one that is now coming back.

"I liked the one for the north, the one with Rachel Hunter, who was hanging out with Maori," he said.

Social media quickly followed the piston, and one that suggests that the video's axing is "the best news" they've been listening for a year.

"Funny watching crew of Air NZ crew every time playing their hip-hop video security," one person writes.

"I found it pretty hard to see," added one more.

This article originally appeared on the New Zealand Herald and was published with permission.

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