Sunday , April 18 2021

A new movie maze highlights lateral characters and a plethora of one-day DLC

Atlus unveiled a new character trailer and a ton of DLC for one day for the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth today.

Persona P2: New Movie Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3DS is just over a month since its launch in the West, signifying one of the last major titles to be released in North America and Europe for the long and popular handheld system. Today, a new trailer was released that highlighted some other side characters. Check out the video below for yourself:

As you can see, it introduces several new side signs that are extracted from Persona 3 and Persona 4. While fans who followed the liberation of the Japanese may have already been aware of their involvement, it should still be a welcome surprise for some players to see it Person 3 is female protagonist, Teddy, Jose, Ayghis and many others can play.

While the trailer is definitely the fastest of today's events regarding Persona Q2: A New Movie Labyrinth, Atlus also gave details of the large amount of DLC that the game will be getting. It's a little surprising to see such a great DLC content drop system like Nintendo 3DS, especially on the first day. You can see the complete list of DLC below, but keep in mind that the DLC package for the background Person 3, Person 4, and Persona 5 everyone will be free of eShop from launch until July 2:

  • Item: Film Snack Filter (Free)
  • Item: gourmet kit ($ 0.99)
  • Item: Level up setting ($ 0.99)
  • Appendix: Experience up to ($ 0.99)
  • Appendix: Cash Up ($ 0.99)
  • Appendix: Meeting control ($ 0.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Orpheus Pikaro ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Messiah Picaro ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Thanatos ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Tanatos Picara ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Isanagi Picara ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Madzatsu-Izanagi ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: M. Izanagi Picaro ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Kagyuya ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Kagua Picaro ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Ariadne ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Ariad Picaro ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Tsukiyomi (1,99 $)
  • Sub-Persona: Tsukiji Piero ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Persona: Asteria ($ 1.99)
  • Sub-Person: Asterieus Picara ($ 1.99)
  • Navi: Elizabeth and Theodore ($ 2.99)
  • Navi: Margaret and Nanako ($ 2.99)
  • Navi: Justin and Carolyn ($ 2.99)
  • Battle BGM: Persona 3 Set ($ 2.99)
  • Battle BGM: Persona 4 Set ($ 2.99)
  • Battle BGM: Persona 5 Set ($ 2.99)

In the event that it is a crash deal for you, Western players also have to consider it Persona Q2 there will be no messenger in English. Persona P2: New Movie Labyrinth will release for 3DS on June 4 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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