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Zverev: "Australian Open is a priority for me"

Alexander Zverev It was one of the most prominent names in tennis during 2018. The German, who was always listed as one of the young promises that dominated the retirement track for players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, consolidated on the track of the last major tournament of the season. That's what I picked up the trophy ATP Finals on World Tour on London after defeating Nol openly. Before competing in the first matches of 2019, Sasha spoke to the press and clarified his feelings about it.

21 years

At the age of 21, the Germans with great responsibility accepted and disciplined their role in the activity, to the point that they are tennis players with more games played in 2018. "I want to enjoy tennis as much as possible, and the court to perform at the highest level and come to the Hopman Cup 2019, I want to gain a competitive rhythm without pressing too much," admitted Alex, in an interview with TennisMas.

Later, Zverev confirms that his abilities are improving day by day and shows this whenever he goes out on the tracks: "I'm No. 4 in the world and I feel that I have a wide margin of improvement." It's great for my interests. As a player in the preseason, it is important to rest because the competition year is very long, so I decided to exclude myself for two weeks, I was on vacation, I spent some time at home and then I began to work hard. "

Also, considering that he is a physical physically worn over the course of the season, Sasha referred to his recovery: "It's not a physical renewal, it's time to improve in many respects. The advantage is taken to make it better my physical condition, to run a lot and to lift the weights. "

To finish, Alexander, who despite being one of the best tennis players on the planet still can not win the Grand Slam, said he dreams of raising the trophy in Australia. "I am very young and I see the aspects of my game, for which I can do a lot of things, which makes me very happy because it keeps my motivation very high." The Australian Open 2019 is a priority for me, we all want to make an excellent tournament and I will try it, "concluded the 21-year-old.

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