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You did not know these tricks to get the best out of Google Drive!

Some tricks that will make your life easier if you are a regular Google service user. Tools, tips and new applications to optimize their use.

In "Tricks to simplify life", we have a collection of the best tips to optimize Google Drive usage.

Talk to help co-operate
Another advantage that Google Drive offers is that when you edit a document with some of Google's original tools such as Docs or Sheets, if there are several people associated with that document, there will be a conversation in which you can chat with them . . This is a perfect thing to talk about something related to the document or what it is all about, and if you leave the conversation, the news will come through notifications.

Convert images and PDFs into text
If you've sent a PDF, you should not try to copy it by hand or use third-party applications to transfer it to text because Drive can convert the file itself automatically thanks to automatic character recognition.

  • Right click on the image or PDF file you put on Google Drive.
  • In the popup menu, click Open, and then you will see more options.
  • In these, select Google Documents to open it there. Google Docs will start recognizing the contents of the PDF or image and transfer it to its format.
  • It is possible to lose some pictures or aspects of the original document.

View the history of editions of a single document
Google Drive also saves a history in which the editing dates of the document are saved. In addition, in this small history you can also see the dates in which other options were made, such as sharing the document, whether you did it or any other person with access.

  • Right click on the document whose history you want to see
  • Click View Details
  • The details window will open in the column on the right side
  • In it, click on the Details option to see the change history

Add apps to your Google Drive
Google Drive by default uses office applications created by Google, but you can also add other third-party applications to create and edit different document types with them. In fact, there is a complete catalog where you can choose between several of them.

  • In the Drive main screen, click the New option to create a new document
  • The window will open with the default applications and options. In it, press the More option than under all
  • Another window will be displayed with the third-party applications you have installed. Whether or not, click on Connect multiple apps
  • It opens a window with a catalog of third-party applications, the mouse over the one you want to install, and click on the Connections that will appear

Buy an extra repository for your files
Google Drive offers a standard size of 15 GB for free repositories for your documents, but depending on how you use the service, you may not be able to afford it. If it's so calm, Google allows you to expand the space when you want to purchase multiple repositories.

  • In the left column of Google Drive, you have a storage section that tells you how much you spent
  • In it, click Acquire more storage space
  • A new tab of the browser will open, which will take you to the section for buying more space from Drive or Google One
  • Simply select the new rate

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