Sunday , August 1 2021

With the advent of 2019, WhatsApp introduced its novel new features

From WhatsApp, it is trying to meet the needs of users. For this new year, you already know what new things the application will have.

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The most used message service in the world is a new development for this year. WhatsApp will have four new features in effect, so the user has better experience with the application.

There were many versions of the novelties it will have WhatsApp are those that are confirmed and will be available in this 2019:

WhatsApp personal messages

Dark mode: In this way, the application light colors can be seen in dark tones. In this way, the goal is to reduce the tension of vision, in low light.

Consecutive voice messages: when an application detects two or more voicemails and starts to play, it will end and the following will follow. By sound, the user will be notified of the start of each of them.

Review videos: You can view videos in the "push" notification.

Classification of contacts: contacts with which you have more interaction will be separated.

Country ads: users can publish content that lasts one day online, now there will be advertisements.

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