Monday , May 17 2021

With his mind set on the Superfinale against the river, Boca visited the Independent: hour, TV and formations

Mouth, who next week on December 9 will face the river in the Copa Libertadores final, so far, in the Spanish city of Madrid, there will be a risk visit when playing with the Independent in the match is valid for the fourteenth date of Super League who will not consider the presence of the visiting public.

The meeting will be held from 19.20 in The Liberty Stadium of America, will be controlled by Judge Dario Herrera and will be transmitted through a cable sports signal TNT Sport.

The match will be played without visiting the public although Apvidid, along with the province's defense ministry, Buenos Aires, confirmed that Boca would have 4,000 locations, but the Indendendien leadership ruled out that it would only have supporters of the "reds".

In the Independent Mesa returns.

The Avelaneda team comes from a loss of 1 to 0 in his visit to Lanus and coach Ariel Holland will be again available to Martin Benitez and Maximiliano Mesa, which will be returned to the property. There will be changes in all lines.

After the date of suspension Mesa will enter the site of Silvio Romero while Benitez, which is recovered from overload in the left adductor (it enters 30 minutes before Lanus) may take a place in the bank on substitutes.

In addition, Francisco Silva will replace Juan Sánchez Minjo, while Emanuel Britz will enter the start instead of Pablo Hernández.

Boca, between Madrid and Avelaneda.

The band, directed by Guillermo Barros Schellotto, comes from weeks of embarrassment from everything that happened around final against the Copa Libertadores River what for now it will be played at the stadium in Real Madrid.

Regarding the Super League, Boca comes from two consecutive victories, the last as a local Paranana from Paraná from 1 to 0 and to visit the Independent, the technician ordered Ramon Ábila will not be from the game for the suffering of muscle nuisance in a twin.

Although the medical body rejected it as a tear, Baross Schellot wanted to protect it for a meeting with the river, while they will not be Augustine Rossi, Leonardo Yara, Carlos LeftPablo Perez, Wilmar Neighborhood, Nakhitan Nández and Christian Pavón, all beginnings against River in the first match match.

Independent: Martin Campaign; Fabrizio Bustos, Nicolas Figal, Emanuel Britz, Gaston Silva; Francisco Silva, Nicholas Domingo, Fernando Gabibo; Brian Romero, Emmanuel Gigliotti and Maximiliano Mesa. DT: Ariel Holland.

Boca: Esteban Andrada; Julio Bufarini, Paolo Golz, Lisandro Magalan, Lucas Olaza; Fernando Gago, Julian Chichko, Agustin Almond; Mauro Zarate, Dario Benedetto and Sebastian Vila. DT: Guillermo Barros Cliff.

Stadium: Libertadores de America (Independent).
Judge: Darío Herrera
Time: 19.20
Television: TNT Sport.

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