Friday , May 7 2021

With a draw against Lanus, the Lion rejected the year as a local in Kilmes

I won it in a minute by a goal by Gata Fernandez, but then Garnett tied it with Lauraro Acosta. After an energetic start, they equaled 1 to 1 in the Centennial

Estudiantes equalized 1: 1 against Lanus at the Kilmes Stadium in a game that was played at the Stadthanario Stadium in Kilmes.

The game had a strong start with two goals in just seven minutes. Gata Fernandez first reported, but then the visit was linked to Lautaro Acosta.

At the first game of the match, Pinca broke zero. La Gata took the ball in the area of ​​capture and took a bomb from the outside of the area, which was nailed to half-height, against the left position of Ibanez.

However, when the Estudiantes managed to overcome the game, Garni could reach the door for 7 minutes. After a series of jumps in the area, Lauraro Acosta and a leftist appeared, he executed Anduardo.

At 15, Gata tried from outside again, but this time she had no goal and the ball went through the bar. Two minutes later, Leon came back and Pavone ran into the goal after the right, but the ball was deflected.

At 28 he again lost Gaston Fernandez. The steering wheel wanted to put it against the right pole of the Garni's laser and the ball came closer. The visitor replied some time later from the good game of Acosta, which ended with the left, but in the middle Andduar managed to control it.

Three minutes later Zubeldi's team came out of the counterattack and again acted. The attacker received a right-of-way and crossed a shot that an arkano-punched can go to the corner.

In the last minute of the first leg, Lanus turned against the red-and-white goal, and Garcia Guerrero won the corner after a corner and his header struck completely opposite from the left position.

Already in the complement, the pace of the game dropped significantly.

Zubeldia approached nine minutes with Marcellino Moreno's right arm at half-distance, who died in the hands of Anduar, but after this, the game entered the plateau from which he could leave only the fourth hour with a header. de Noguera put Ibanez on the alert. The goalkeeper, well stopped, can control the attempt.

But Lanus did not stay. At 18 Moreno ran to the left and threw a good center for Ribas who went right above the horizontal. And the Lion answered very clearly in the head of Alberteo, who was expecting everyone at the center of Zuqui, but Ibanez broke the danger with great savings.

23 students were rescued thanks to the obstacle. Erquiaga scored near the area and Acosta put it on the right corner, but the ball crashed into the tube after a shot from Andújar.

At the age of 30, Pincha returned with danger. Facundo Sanchez put a good center on the right side and again nodded to Albertengo, but without direction.

Accepted Pellegrini, who replaced Mariano Pavone, had the opportunity to score a second strike in 42 minutes. Outside on the left side he hung his leg and brought him a good kick that lay near the left.

Outside a few centers an hour, this was the last transcendent thing that happened in the same match at Kilmes's Centennial Stadium, and Pinch culminated in the year as a local with equality.


Students: Mariano Anduari; Fakondo Sanchez, Jonathan Shunke, Fabian Nouguera and Ivan Yarkiaga; Fernando Zucci, Rodrigo Bran, Lucas Rodriguez; Gaston Fernandez; Mariano Pavone and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Leandro Benitez.

Lanús: Matías Ibáñez; Gabriel Carrasco, Rolando Garcia Guerrano, Marco Torsillerieri and Nicolas Pasquini; Leonel Di Placido, Thomas Belmonte, Falcondo Quignon and Marcelino Moreno; Lauraro Acosta and Sebastian Ribas. DT: Louis Zubellia.

GOALS: 1 "G. Fernandez (D); 7" Acosta (L)

CHANGES: ST 24 ', Pellegrini from Pavone (D); 34''Lordico for Moreno (L); 37 'Apaolaza by G. Fernandez (D); 43 "Thaler of Di Placido (L); Pereira Diaz of Acosta (L)

AMONESTADOS: Braña, Apaolaza (E); Belmonte (L)

Judge: Falcondo Body.
Reference: Quilmes (will be local students at La Plata)
Start time: 17.10.
TV: TNT Sport.

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