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With a certain gesture, the fans of the rivers rejected the bar – 12/02/2018

In returning to the monumental stadium to receive gymnastics and fencing for the Super League, most of the fans remembered the frustrated Copa Libertadores final match and testified to their displeasure with the brave bar, and also with the Conquest.

That match with Boca was suspended because the river bars threw missile missiles that moved into the guest team and injured some players. After several attacks and departures, the game was postponed for the next day. And then it was again postponed.

So, before you start the game with gymnastics and fencing, the real fans played and insulted Drunkards on board. And through one song they asked: "Let everyone go, do not let it stay". The bars were received with insults.

In addition, in another sign of protest, they hung their flags upside down. On the other hand, in the sector occupied by the required lock, rags looked as it should.

There were flags against Conquest and Boka. Once they are discovered, Judge Silvio Trucco has asked to be withdrawn and postpone the start of the match.

However, some were not seen and continued to be exposed. By minute 25, from the Voice of the Stadium was warned that if the game was not removed, it would be suspended.

Also, fans, at the stadium that showed many glasses, insulted, with songs, President Mauricio Macri and Connemol. It was clear that what happened in the shameful final match of Copa Libertadores forced them to raise a lot of anger.

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