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Wild stories in Bariloche: shock, punching and fainting from a stalker and a "vigil for the steering wheel" – 01/01/2015

In Bariloche, a city loaded for 10 days with 30,000 "extras" residents captured by the summer season in the south, there was a scene worth the movie "Relatos Salvajes" by Damian Shifron.

On December 23, at 7.35 am on the Enflein Street (parallel with the main Miter), between Kvalja and Villeges, in the center of the city, a group of people held a discussion that detonated with blows, blows, cries, barrels, thunderstorms, fainting, , broken glass and a brutally deliberate demolition that left two cars almost completely destroyed. Worthy for a movie class scenario B. But this happened in the mountain range that today maintains a hotel occupation of 80%.

Images of chaos were recorded by the camera of another driver he had the rarity of keeping the pulse and from the Earth's remote station of 91.3 Mhz that recorded events from the opposite angle.

Police Negro still does not offer official information about obstacles appeared nine days ago, but meanwhile, it turned out that Suzanne Volkswagen's young driver had a strong discussion with a group of girls who went after trying to hit and hit two of them.

Young women, accompanied by a friend, responded by yelling at him on both sides of the vehicle and struggled to get it out of the window, while the youngster did not hurry to escape from the place without worrying about whether there were more pedestrian crossings or other vehicles with him . In his desperate flight he ran over a boy who raised the ground and struck Peugeot, which was a double row.

All this extraordinary process was noticed by the white Fiat Dune driver who was slowly moving along with people entangled in the violent discussion. When he realized that the young man intended to escape, he began to support it at full speed while Suran did not hit the front. After stopping, Dina again accelerates and throws forward with an unknown destination.

As a result of the impact, the young man in the vehicle in flight fainted and went to convulsions. Health personnel moved him to the Regional Hospital in the city immediately.

Photos published by neighbors in networks are unacceptable. The Duma lost everything back and Suran was rendered useless.

Facebook already has accounts calling for a "collection to help Dinah" because they consider him an actual anonymous vigil. Rumors in the site indicate that the insurance did not accept paying the driver of the Duna because it is a deliberate act.

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