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Why is it not possible for Otamandi to be given to the river? – 26.04.2015

It began as a simple rumor and over time it was growing. More than anything, based on Nicolas Othamendi's fanaticism about the river, because he has never hiding it and is in charge of constantly displaying social networks. The defender said that, because of a lack of continuity, he decided to leave Manchester City at the end of the season and in Nunjee they stopped at the ears.

However, Otamendi's chances of going directly from bringing the city jersey to the Jersey River are virtually impossible. Here, the reasons.

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– YOUR AGREEMENT: The Otamendi link with the City is until 2022. Then, even if he wants to leave, he must first check the numbers with the English club or wait for someone else to buy the place. For the river it's an impossible number.

-What will be the city: The team led by Guardiola is in no hurry to get rid of Otamendi and the idea is that, if he leaves, he will do it in another club in Europe, which can pay a good amount. We must remember that Manchester bought it in nothing more and nothing less than 45 million euros back in 2015.

-THE SALARY: In January 2018 Otamendi renewed it for four years for a total of 11 million euros. She raises more than 200,000 of the same money a month, without counting the prizes, which means an unpredictable salary for football in Argentina.

– YOUR LIFE AND YOUR LIFE: The defender is 31, indicating that he still has high-level career seasons. In addition, apart from these six months playing in Aletico Mineiro, he lives in Europe for nine years, and his closest family resides there.

– HISTORY CLUBS: He is a Selection player, very coveted in the market because, although he does not have the desired continuity, he played almost half of the games of the city's season. A few months ago he was speculating that Barcelona would go for him and now that his idea of ​​a change of air is known, PSG and Juventus, two clubs at the highest level, have already shown their claws.

-What can you do to sleep? Milo's only chance is to complain purely to the heart of the fan and to hope that he will resign a considerable amount of money and their lifestyle. But before this panorama, it seems impossible.

The story published by Otamendi, after some time after the elimination of the river from the World Cup in the club.

The story published by Otamendi, after some time after the elimination of the river from the World Cup in the club.

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