Tuesday , January 26 2021

Why is it important every year to get the flu

There are between three and five million severe flu cases per year in the world, and between 250 and 500 thousand of them end up in death. The incidence of influenza virus varies by age: it is more common in children (20/30%) and much less in young adults (5/10%). The most responsible are influenza viruses belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family

Elsa Boumeister, Director of the National Influenza Center of PAHO / WHO, INEI ANLIS "Dr. Carlos G. Malbrán, said:" The first thing to do when there are some cold symptoms are to consult a doctor to stay calm, be protected and to avoid complications "

Today, there are tools such as vaccines, especially important for people who have respiratory or cardiac duties, as well as for adults over 65 or younger, who need to be vaccinated without exception, because they represent a risk group.

"We need to think about the whole year for the flu, although we have more attendants in the cold months, we can have it in autumn, in spring, and why not in the summer too," Bameister said.

Who should be vaccinated:

– Over 65 years.
– Children between six months and two years old, who must receive two doses separated by at least four weeks if they have not received the vaccine in previous seasons. If they have been vaccinated before, they should only receive one dose.
– People between two and 64 years of age with chronic illnesses (respiratory, cardiac, renal, hepatitis, diabetes, obesity) or with reduced defense due to, for example, congenital or acquired immunodeficiencies such as HIV or medical treatments.
– Pregnancy (in each trimester of pregnancy for the protection of the mother and the fetus). If they have not been vaccinated during pregnancy, mothers should do so, preferably within 10 days after delivery.
– Health staff.

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