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Why Gallardo can not direct if he plays in Madrid? | River Plata


Emmanuel Serruia


After Confirmation, which determined Madrid as the host of the Copa Libertadores Final Round between the River and Boca, many fans of the river were wondering if Gallardo could then be present in the reserve bank by not playing in El Monumental

In the penalty imposed on a doll from Connemol after the match of the second game against Gremio, the TD was forbidden to enter the stadium in the competition that followed – for this reason he does not go to La Bomonera in the first match of the Superfinals, and he was suspended for three matches in accordance with Article 76.1 of the Disciplinary Regulation of the Conquest.

The sanction refers to the Conquest tournament

What do these articles say? "The sports director / trainer, every member of the coaching staff or other officers, sanctioned by the termination of their duties, can witness the matches in which their suspension is in force only from the stands, they must not access the locker, tunnel, bench or a technical area before or during the game, nor can you communicate with your team. "

For this reason, that's it Gallardo will not be able to be in the reserve bench during the Superfinals, regardless of the stadium in which the dispute arises.

+ The full sanction from Connemil to Gallardo:

– We forbid Mr. Marcello Daniel Gallardo to join the stadium in the next match of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018 in accordance with Article 20 paragraph (h) of the Discipline Regulations of CONMEBOL. This ban on access to the stadium includes a ban on communicating with any means with the Technical Corps, officers and players.

– SUSPEND Mr. Marcelo Daniel Galardo for 3 (three) games. This sanction will become effective once the sanction set out in point 3 is fulfilled and must be complied with in accordance with the provisions of Article 76.1 of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Rules.

– To order Mr Marcello Daniel Galardo for a fine of USD. 50,000 (FIVE SECRET US DOLLARS), in accordance with Article 12.6 of the Disciplinary Regulation. The amount of this penalty will be automatically charged against the amount to be paid by the CLUB ATL√ČTICO RIVER WINE in the concept of television rights or sponsorship.

– WARNING LIABLE to Mr Marcello Daniel Galardo, in the event of a recurrence of an incident of any scorn, disrespect of officials or any other violation of a sporting discipline of the same or similar nature to which he brought the reason for this action, he shall considered the situation aggravating

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