Tuesday , August 3 2021

Why Andrad and Batala have very little chance of playing in the river?

The Future of Thomas Andrade and Augusto Battal is uncertain because it is not yet known whether Marcelo Gallardocoach of River, will count on them from January 6, when the pre-season of the millionaire set starts. Both players come to fulfill the loan, in Atletico Mineiro and Tigre, despite the fact that the goalkeeper terminated the contract six months in advance.

The midfielder midfielder played a total of 31 official games and scored three goals in the Brazilian club, but the institution did not use the buying option for 3,750,000 euros because they think he is a good player, but he does not pay a similar amount of money. The 22-year-old debuted with his shirt on the river in 2016 with a total of 33 matches and without a goal, it was a great performance that year, and even Galdaro praised him and noted that he has similarities with Andres D? Alessandro.

On the side of the goalie, he also had his debut in 2016 with the band's band, played 51 games in total, but some timely meetings with Augusto made Gallardo discover the decision that he was the replacement of Marcelo Barovero, whom he had gone in Mexican football. This year was loaned to Atletico Tucumán, but just like recently with the winning club, six months after the arrival, he canceled the contract.

There is a story that every time Gallardo decides to borrow a player, he does not carry Banda's shirt again, this is the case Giovanni Simeone, that after his stay in the Banfield, there was not a minute in the first and was sold to Genoa from Italy. There is also the case with Alexander Barbosa, who was given several times before debuting with the river's shirt, and then he was transferred.

It is worth remembering that the millionaire group will have to play four competitions at the same time in this 2019, the end of this Super League, at the beginning of the one that follows, on Cup of Argentina, the new one League Cup which also organizes the Argentine Football Super League, and search for bicampeonato for the first time in its history of Copa Libertadores de America. For this, Gallardo has in mind to have a definition as long as possible.

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