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Who will use the 10, why the river retire from the market and the great praise to Matthias Suarez: 7 phrases from Marcelo Gallardo

At a press conference, Marcelo Gallardo He was very happy with the work of the team: "We had to react and today we did it in a very good way. We went back to show that when we are good, we are a really serious team. "

DT dramatized with the moment when he crossed his team after the three losses in a row, all at home: "I never hid anything and I tried to be honest with what happened to us. You should have patience because we were in a transition that we had to face. We knew that the person we showed was not ours. "

Regarding the gesture of last week with the public on the river, Gallardo said: "I try to be honest and not lie to people, I thank you for joining us at this moment of transition, which unfortunately we must suffer. Everyone puts us shoulder to shoulder and we are still closing in and we are facing it. We had to lose, but today we show that when we are good we are a very good team. "

Marcelo Gallardo also referred to the arrival of reinforcements (Robert Rojas, Carrascal and Matthias Suarez) and told why the river withdrew from the market of passes. Also, He pointed out the debutant shooter of former Belgrano striker from Cordoba and confirmed who will use the number 10 that Gonzalo Martine abandoned his departure.

Why the river is withdrawing from the market that passes:
"Because nothing will happen, There is another day and things are not resolved so quickly. We have a good team and we hope that the players who joined us give us a significant contribution. Halfway through the year, we will see if it can be strengthened, depending on the needs. Perhaps we lacked even stronger reinforcements, but we had to add to vacancies, two of which are key to us for the departure of Maidana and "Damage" Martinez.

Match of Matthias Suarez in the debut of the river

Reinforcement and great praise to Matthias Suarez:
"We were able to bring good A project for players such as Robert Rojas, to Matthias Suárez, who is a consolidated footballer it today showed in a few minutes its quality and hierarchy, and we also have a chance to Carrascal what he has a lot of talent and we will see if he can go firmly in Argentine football. Within minutes, Matthias Suarez has shown that he has a hierarchy to play in the river. "

The heir of 10:
"Quintero will use it. I asked him if I would like to use it and said that he is perfect, he is fine to me. That's why we'll give it to him. "

The team against Velez (Sunday 21: .30 in Liniers):
"The idea is from now on give the continuity of the team if the players recover well. We finished without major problems, with the exception of Enzo Perez, who was eventually tired of escape. If there are no problems, we will try to repeat it. "

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