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Who was the most watched Argentineans in 2018?

Like every year, the channels of television They waged a war because they were the most desirable audience. Changes in program networks, attractive formats and more are different, were the most important goal for the main signals that led this 2018 year. Who was the channel he got the biggest rating This year? There is an indisputable leader who has chosen all the Argentines.

Telef was ranked first in the rating during all months of 2018, consolidating its lead for the seventh consecutive year, according to data provided by Kantar Ibope Media, with an annual average of 7.7 points, reaching a difference of 0.96 points for its main competitor. In addition, he managed to close the year with the highest participation in the past 10 years, from 36.17%, surpassing the thirteen who reached 31.66%. In this way, Telef, a Viacom-owned brand, strengthens its leadership in a highly competitive industry and with international quality standards.

In December, Telef has moved first, with an average rating of 6.9 points and a share of 35.9%. As ranked among the 10 most viewed programs in 2018, 9 are deTelefe: "La Train Argentina" with Marley's lead, is positioned as the most watched program on television; "100 days to fall in love" was the successful fiction of the year, which included Carla Peterson and Nancy Dupla; "Sandro de America", a series on the international level, programmed as a stellar event in three unique weeks, an innovation in the way of watching a series of television, night after night.

Subsequently, "Suzana Gimenez, Especiales", wild number one on television, traveled to interview the characters of the moment, Malouma, Veronica Castro and Carlos Tevez; "For the World of the World" Marley along with Lizzie Tagliani visited the capitals of Russia. "Bake Off, El Gran Pastelero" with Paula Chaves, the most important sweets competition in the world, was also a success in Argentina. "Everything about my daughter" was a Turkish story that was moving every night; "Around the World", with luxury guests, Marley and Mirco, traveled to the world's finest destinations and "El Sultan" a foreign overproduction won by Argentines.

For his part, "Cortá por Lozano" with the leadership of Veronica Lausanne leads the afternoon with a share of 31.42% annually, and all news and "PH, We Can Speak" was the undisputed winner on Saturday of the year with 50, 06% from Share.

Telef's proposal was completed with the best content for the whole family: "Nick Jr." for the small, "Morphs, all at the table," with Damian de Santo and Zaira Nara, "In which hand is" with Chinese Leunis, "Danger without coding" with Diego Korol, Pichu, Pachu and Yao; "La Peña de Morfi" with the implementation of Gerardo Rozin and Jezika Cirio, "Faces Face to Face" with Chino Leinis and "The Past of Glasses" with Markos Mundstock, among others.

The best national and international fiction: "Die of Love," featuring Griselda Siciliani, "Hotel Rizoma", "Elif", "Pravda", "Part of Me" and "Iftet Revenge".

For a year with such news, the four news releases were highlighted: "Good Teleph", "News of the People", "Telef News" and "Staff" with the best information throughout the day to share the best journalism.

Telefe is a transmission and its contents can be enjoyed on different screens. In the cinema, 6 of the 10 highest Argentine films of the year were co-producers from Telef: "Re Loca" with the lead role of Natalia Oreiro, "El Potro" with Rodrigo Romero and "El Angel" with Toto Ferro, Show 2018 with + 1.300.000 spectators.

In digital platforms, Mi Telefe (app) since its launch (in 2014) has accumulated +6 million installations. In 2018, +1.1 million new downloads were registered. and Mi Telefe had an increase of + 41% in Watch Videos, reaching a total of +210 million reproductions this year. Also, grew by 95% in reproductions, compared to the previous year, adding +23 million watched videos.

In all social networks, growth was maintained, @ Telefe in 2018 marked an increase of +1 million in social networks, accumulating the entire audience of 9.3 million, given that duplication can occur.

In this year, the audience had more engagement than 2017, showing an increase of 83% in the interactions of social networks. In return, @TelefeNoticias had an increase of 656 thousand new users, accumulating a total audience of +6 million.

"We are happy with the results achieved in Telef, mainly because it is a result of the excellent teamwork of the excellent professionals. We are confident that we are leaders that offer the best content in entertainment, fiction and information, for our audience and on any available platform. In addition, we are very pleased with the synergy we have achieved between Telef and other brands of MICs, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Paramount Canal. We closed 2018 with growth in all our brands and we planned to include it in 2019, " Echo Dario Turovelski, Senior Vice President of the Global Content at Viacom Cono Sur.

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