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Who are the winners and losers before a possible electoral division in the province

Why? Maxi Perez (@ transmaxi), correspondent on NEW in the government house and the legislature

Quiet but fierce internal development is developing during these classes in the heads of Buenos Aires Province and has to do with the possibility of holding next year's elections, which some believe will improve the chances of reelection of the governor Maria Evgenia Vidal and Cambiemos' intention in the scenario of deepening the economic crisis.

The governor did not take a clear position on the issue, but allowed debate, and this week, during a tour of the seventh election section, slid down, almost as if it were still, some details of how the national government's negotiations on the extra funds for 2019 year, where the possibility of advancing the elections is one of the tools for the pressure of the province.

"We hope that we will renew the updating of the Conturban Fund for new works, I told the mayor, I do not want to promise that I am not sure to fulfill it and we have to wait to renew this update so that there will be a new job," says Saw after meeting with Gustavo Coconi, communal head of the Tapalke, as part of an official visit to the districts in the center of the province.

It's the key to understand why this time the president does not automatically deal with Rosada. Is it even within the framework of a possible agreement with the President Mauricio Macri, is bound to give a message of independence that also excludes its figure from responsibilities in the economic crisis.

On the side of the separation, although not openly open, most of the intentions of the ruling party, especially in the areas of contourbane, where the negative image of Macrie can seriously damage their chances of reelection, also because peronism begins to restrains the territory pending national definitions and the mayors of Cambiemes have no firepower to face the opposition's progress and hold the presidential vote as well.

The latest available information suggests that only in February, Campbimos' campaign team will decide on the take-over of the Buenos Aires elections, although in reality the definition will be given again by the PRO, once again denying radicalism, although the centenary power with good eyes will consider, especially if it is within the national strategy involving Mendoza, the province that runs Alfredo Cornejo.

Double game at Massismo

The renovated front was the first room for pressure to run the elections, although in this case the purpose was to allow intentions to call elections outside the national calendar and, according to rumors not completely denied, their own Sergio Massa I would ask Vidal as a currency to accompany the budget.

The agreement has not progressed and the massive is oscillating, and although it is still the best option to change from adding votes to the lawmakers for approval of the "law of the laws", it already has no such clear position regarding the election progress and moments until it seems that territorial leaders in that area have freedom of action to close contracts with sectors of peronism.

Meanwhile, Francis Renodor also tests the pitch for starting the first of his assumptions as governor, deputy Jorge D & # 39; Onofio, which does not end with the formalization of his intentions to compete, but it is shown as the most active figure on his bench, with strong criticism of the provincial government and a primitive view of the rest of the opposition.

Peronism against

If it comes to complex engineering for electoral processes, no doubt the province's peronism is an absolute winner, counting in its history with collections, testimonies, rounding laws and, of course, lists and sheets of paper, which sometimes guarantee dragging from top to bottom , and sometimes from the bottom to the top.

The truth is that now, as unions are being promoted, precisely the peronism opposes a measure of highly electoral engineering, such as the progress of the province's elections, mainly because part of the success in 2019 depends more on dragging its own a national candidate, whatever it may be, of Macchi's negative weight in the tourbillon tickets.

In that sense, it has also been scientifically proven that the bodies in the middle of the ballot, in particular the governor's bid, are least likely to generate the effect of "linking" with other categories, thus retaining the whole chart, with lists the preliminary sheets and sheets provide an ideal framework to give up the very frightening "visible effect" in the next year's election.

Therefore, none of the pre-candidates of peronism, like Veronica Magariot, Francisco Duragia o Alberto Samid, they did not even consider discussing the matter in discussion, and if the debate in the legislature finally came to an end, it was prepared as an economic counter-argument similar to the one that kept the intentions of Cambiemoos, who wanted to eliminate PASO, that is, yes duplicate election in communes will be a waste of resources.

At the same time, hearing about the management and the critical acid that Magarios has always started has strengthened. This week, the Mayor of San Antonio de Areco added that Vidal was "a creature only on television" in a clear allusion to the media raid made by the governor in recent days.

In short, the peronism is near Christina Kirchner does not want to know anything by weaning, but decided to ignore the problem and focus all efforts to commemorate the government's mistakes in Buenos Aires.

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