Tuesday , May 11 2021

While all followed the fall of the dollar, the news that led to the greatest relief were the fall of the country

The China-US dispute, developed at lunch Saturday, during the G20 summit, It has reduced the dollar to the world and pushed up oil to 4.04%.

The break in the commercial war not only used Argentina where the dollar fell by more than 2%, but it did in almost all developing countries, including Brazil. The dollar lost 0.80% against the real one. It also lost the major currencies in the world. The DXY index showed the US currency with a fall of 0.25 points against the euro, the yen, the pound sterling, the Canadian dollar, the Swedish krona and the Swiss franc.

In Argentina, the euphoria left by the G20 in the financial sector led the dollar into stock markets and banks to fall by $ 1.74 (-2.97%) to $ 37.62. The "Blue" with a few operations lost 2% and closed at $ 36.

The wholesale debt also deviated. The fall was important. The dollar used by exporters lost $ 1.25 and closed it to $ 36.54. Only 40 cents separate it from the floor of the flotation belt. According to an agreement with the IMF, when the dollar falls to $ 36.14, the Central Bank should come out and buy foreign currency so that it does not lag behind.

In any case, an experienced operator noticed that "these movements will not last more than ten days, then everyone is preparing for holidays and there are companies that make profits abroad. Many people do not want to worry and humiliate their portfolio at this time of the year. Retailers of today were not so much, but they mostly accentuated the trend of the world, because they need pessoes. "

International reserves rose by $ 110 million to $ 51,303 million. Gains made by the rise of the euro and gold have made the reserves to be revaluated by 88 million. The output of currencies was given by paying international organizations for 30 million and one million in Brazil to compensate for foreign trade operations.

The central bank used the favorable wind to reduce the rate of supply of liquid letters. It cost $ 160,231 million, for which it paid a maximum of 60.49%, which is 0.54 points less than what was quoted at the last auction last week. Because the deadlines were lower than what he won, he took 25.382 million dollars from circulation. It left the site more dry and will intensify the recession that shows its face in lower tax collection, the decline in sales of real estate and cars, the decline in sales of electronics, clothing and tourism, or in the rejection of checks or lives on credit cards. No item was safe from monetary clutter. Employment is a great sacrifice. In addition, this decline in the dollar directly affects exporters who hold four pesos for every dollar they export. This discount significantly delays the dollar.

In the United States, where big blow of the euphoria, analysts concluded that it was a short-term party that the problems with China would continue and this break was favorable for not gambling life in the shareholder sector and made a mistake in the revaluation of activities as happened by the end of September past

The US Treasury Treasury remains at a very high level, making its revenues 2.99% at 10 years. But there is a problem, the yield curves were reversed. Now shorter headlines give more than long titles. This situation occurs when investors fear the crisis. For now, they are covered by an increase in the rates planned by the Federal Reserve this month.

However, Dow Jones of Wall Street increased by 1.13%. The S & P 500, the widest and most important index, is advanced at 1.09%. Nasdan (+ 1.51%) was the one who had the biggest rebound, because it is the most beneficial part of the break in the commercial war. China also lived its euphoric wheel. In Shanghai, the China A50 indicator rose by 2.63%.

VIX, known as the index of fear, fell 9% to 16.44 points. It's in the prosperous zone. When 20 points pass worries begin and when they exceed 30 points, there is a crisis.

Debt bonds were the most beneficial from the summit. When bond parity increased, as their prices dropped less than the ticket, the country's risk had a significant drop of 2.12%, which led to 691 base points and removed it from the 700-point area.

The stock market grew by 1.21% with a good amount of $ 767 million. Mirgor (+ 6.41%), the company was the most prominent. Metrogras (+ 5.88%) followed in the choice of investors.

On Wall Street, the Argentine ADRs, a confirmation of holding stocks quoted in dollars, had an almost generalized increase. Pampa Energía with 6.54% was the best of the wheel. Irsa achieved improvements by 5.90%, while Ternium gained 5.34%.

The story did not end. On Tuesday, he will continue to write. There is a tense central bank that is afraid of dollarization in December and remained with the only weapon at the interest rate because it can no longer intervene in the markets of the future. It remains to be known how much the rate can be reduced without affecting the fixed conditions. Monday should not be considered as an exclusive merit, as it was the generalized fall of the dollar on the planet from the news that emerged from Buenos Aires for the commercial war.

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