Monday , May 17 2021

Where is the dentist: "I must know what happened to my sister" | Chronicle

With delays due to bad weather, the operation was carried out from the road 11 and the El Pescado creek to the city of Magdalena to try to find Gissella Solís Street.

As reported, the operation resulted "Negative", ie, the dentist was not found, nor any relevant element for the investigation.

The 47-year-old dentist has disappeared since January 16 last year. The search of the route 11 and the creek El Pescado was ordered by the prosecutor Anne Medina, after a woman called 911 to report that she had seen a Nissan X Terra Yellow Truck last week, similar to the one she had Abel Casimiro Campos, several dentists who committed suicide. The dentist's family points to the trip to Campos from midnight on Tuesday to eleven in the morning on Wednesday.

"I have to know what happened to my sister from twelve o'clock on Tuesday evening until eleven in the morning the next day when she went to work"he said Mariela, Gisela's sister.

The investigation is concentrated in the moves that Campos made from midnight Tuesday through Monday, when he was hanged in a hotel in downtown La Plata.

"He was not aggressive, he always behaved well. I have to come to the conclusion that he was a psychopath"said Mariela.

"I am convinced that it was not just Abel." My sister had a large building and he reportedly had health problems, he could never act alone, "said the dentist's sister who says that now" I do not trust the whole world ".

Mary also pointed to Abel's wife, whom she lived with when she went to Loberia. "She said she did not know she had a relationship, but she knew about the existence of Gisela. What is strange is, besides that, that after Abel appeared dead, there are movements in the bank account", he added.

Campos had two children, the youngest was with his mother in Leberia. I was friends with Gisela for six years, and three years ago I found out about a double life. She set a deadline to define the situation. As it was possible to determine, it was the conflict in the couple.

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