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Where Brothers Shocklander live and what they are doing today – 12.03.2013

Sergio and Pablo Shocklander were part of corruption maneuver which was left with public funds for the construction of social housing that came to the "Sleepy Dreams" foundation, which depended on the mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

In October, prosecutor Paloma Ochoa asked Judge Marcello Martinez de Giorgi that both to be sent to the oral investigation for his responsibility in the corruption matrix, the same measure was demanded this Monday by Hebe de Bonafini who is also on the verge of verbal investigation.

Despite being examined at the verge of trial, the Shocklander brothers are still active, living far from the city of Buenos Aires and still engaging in construction activity, the same item for which they were prosecuted for alleged fraud by the public administration through the "Common dreams ".

Pablo decided to settle in Asuncion, Paraguay and socially uses his second surname, Silva, to separate from the spirit of Shocklander. According to court sources deals with construction and he no longer has contact with his brother Sergio, with whom he fought the management of the "Common Dreams" Foundation,

In August 2017, the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires authorized Pablo to stay in Paraguay. He had lived in that city for two years and had to return to the country every two months to show he had no intention of escaping. At the request of his defense, justice allowed him to stay in Asuncián. In return, He must go to the Consulate every 60 days to prove that he still lives there.

Your brother Sergio also decided to cut the profile and went to live in Peres, a small town in Santa Fe in addition to Rosario. Rent a house with two lots with swimming pool and surrounded by trees.

In Santa Fe he got a job in construction, the same area he worked in when he commanded the "Shared dreams" Foundation under the care of Hebe de Bonaphini. Now he is no longer in charge of the construction emporium He is the master of the work. He is dedicated to building private homes for an entrepreneur who builds prefabricated homes. On weekends he travels to Buenos Aires to visit his family.

Brothers Pablo and Sergio Schocklander killed his parents Mauricio and Cristina Silva in 1981. His sister Valeria did not participate in the killings.

The paricide occurred at dawn on May 31st that year in the apartment where they lived in Belgrano. For the youth, that home was hell. His parents were separated, but lived under the same roof. The man, an engineer of a multinational company, recognized his homosexuality and had a partner. The mother always borders on perversion, has dependence on alcohol and tranquilizers, and is used to put the lovers in her house. He abused his son Pablo.

That dawn, after killing them, Pablo and Sergio put their parents in the trunk of one of the family cars, Coronado Dodge that they abandoned in the Palermo district. After the police discovered the bodies and directed them against them, the brothers decided to escape.

Sergio was arrested in Mar del Plata and a Pablo in Ranchilos when I was looking to escape to Bolivia.

On March 12, 1985, Justice sentenced Sergio to life in prison for the murder of his parents and acquitted Pablo. Just over a year later, on April 7, 1986, the National Chamber of Criminal and Corrections confirmed Sergio's sentence, annulled Pablo's acquittal and sentenced him to life in prison as co-author of the murder. But Pablo had already escaped until that time.

Only on May 14, 1994, Bolivian police detained him. Pablo had another identity in that country, he was called Jorge Velasquez and was in principle imprisoned for cheating with checks. So they checked that he was actually Pablo Shocklander and was deported to the country to go to jail and serve the sentence.

In jail, Sergio met with Mother Plaza de Mayo Hebe de Bonaphini. She also visited he came to describe him as "son". Since his passing departure began in 1995, Sergio Shocklander worked at the Mike Foundation at Plaza de Mayo. He became the agent of the entity and Bonaphine's right hand. He gained his trust and headed the Foundation "Common Dreams" to build public housing. Because of irregularities in assets, Sergio, Pablo and Hebe will go to court.

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