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When Makri's recession is getting worse, Chaco worsens with his own crevice


At the same time, in Villa Angela, the governor presided over a productive mass that aims to provide limited resources to the province's ongoing support for small producers and entrepreneurs for the interior, but in Resistenza, the forum of major business entities representing Several sectors and with some supplements came to the conclusion that the Buenos Aires leadership before the head of AFIP was sterile because the national pressure for pressure more rounds up small and medium enterprises and the recession worsens at all levels, deepening the insecurity, even in the important agro-industry of the Bermejo department that came to expose its complications.

There was also a worrying figure about the likely contest of the Friar de Reconquista group and, in short, it was decided to co-ordinate with CAME President who was last night in Resistencia to promote a group of business unions across the northeast, convince leaders believe that regional powers are needed, which also oblige national lawmakers for the seriousness of what is happening and what will happen.


As a recessionary empire that affects all activities and increases the risk of stability in private employment, with a bonus of 5,000 pesos that neither trade nor the province itself can pay, among other factors that do not represent the worst because the validity of the budget from 2019 will put the rope around the neck of the public and private sectors, with the unacceptability of the directions sought by the IMF, the Chaco scenario is showing many unfavorable signs of the call for unity that the Catholic Church has formulated ed as a tool jointly to face the crisis.
On the contrary, Chaco sets a shoot that has aspects that are not aware that the social reality, with 250,000 children dependent on dining rooms throughout the territory, will need to alleviate the accelerated promotion of speculation, passion, intransigence, sectoral and distortion of a reasonable slogan of essential escort the three branches of the state to identify the risks of implosion before it is too late, as in the sinking of the Titanic.


At that time, there is a virtual conflict of powers, to the extent that a federal judge keeps the arrest warrant for Castelli Mayor Alberto Nivas, to whom the provincial Judge of Guarantees no. 1 Maria de las Mercedes Pereira last night habeas corpus, while the head of the municipality head of the Goumes department received a license by March next year, and the municipal council took the lead led by Pio Sander.

A week ago, Alberto Nivas sat right next to Pepo at the celebratory act of the perilous war in Villa Angela, where the governor did not rule out the possibility of re-election to formalize at the most appropriate moment, but there was a meeting with about 40 mayors who closed doors demanded took the bull's horn to the sector led by Gustavo Martinez and, in fact, continued to control the legislative power, adding seven votes from the ruling bloc to 12 opposition that promoted the intervention of the Castellet municipality.

At that time the law could not be approved because two-thirds were not achieved, but remained in the hands of the Constitutional Issues Committee, chaired by radical Conradi and a majority of the opposition, to formulate an opinion and reach an intervention with a simple majority. There was great anxiety in the weakened conviction, but in the end the intervention was suspended on the basis of journalism that the public prosecutor Federico Carnill was declared to support the appeal that Mediator Prosecutor Patricio Sabadi raised before the verdict Judge Niremperger, who left the Council the municipality was given or not immunity Nievas, who had a negative answer.

(There is one detail: at federal level it is said that Nives did not deliver that arrest, although he was not consumed, but the brother of the government minister assures that he never received a notification of the verdict). Until the last chapter he lived with this sequence: Wednesday in the House decided to wait, but on Thursday the legislator warned with a warning that if federal justice is not issued, surely next Wednesday, a meeting in Charata, Castelli will be intervened.

It was read in the newspapers on Friday, but Elida Cuesta did not preach in the desert: that same morning, with the signatures of her members Alkala and Aguilar, the Federal Court of Appeal rejected Niremerger's decision, which led to complaints and allowed, in fact, the detention of Nivas, who was eventually found and received shortly after midnight, that habeas corpus that returned to the constitutional interpretation of the case.

The mayor's lawyer has deployed all of his resources on a very busy day. In addition, he surprised the speed at which the higher body, with the absence of vocal Denogens, created that definition. In another case, on December 26, the Bar Association sent the situation to national deputy Aida Ayala.


The government sphere assesses the care of ten mayors who have integrated the Federation of Housing Cooperatives and who feel at risk of another attack on Sabadi, but there are also speculations that the rule of law has unquestionable signs that the judicial party always plays openly in favor of macrismo .

They cite the obsession of Komodoro Pi with Jorge Kapitanich in the causes of "Football for All" at the Girsu waste disposal plants in municipalities across the country, where one of the first defendants was Omar Judy, and even in the case of the parking assigned in favor of Archbishopric Resistance by the Council of Judges, where Angel Rosas acted until his retirement in recent days. In this case, the main defendant is Carlos Spatafora, who represents himself as an adviser to the Archbishop of Dusk and is a constant companion to those who want to attend the audience of Pope Francis in Rome.

There are data that led him to Pepo from a meeting where General Pinedo's leader discussed with the UKR mayors for election plans with the support of the Justicialismo sector which, as far as it is known, will not be one who supports Peppo and less if it is Capitanich and his decision for 2019, which is still unknown.

Pepo knows that an oral trial of former officials and the deprivation of a mayoral line can be used to deteriorate his image in the same way as he requires judicial investigations that do not end up as a case of stolen milk outside the internal sanctions in the Ministry of Health . And it adds another detail: provincial justice does not give answers before the progress of pickets, nor has anything been done with federal jurisdiction, as happened with the last blockade of the Belgran bridge.

Capitanich himself says that before the worn resort of pictured violence, neither Faltas nor the provincial justice did not do any intervention at the municipal headquarters.
It may be advantageous to return to the sincerity of Attorney General Jorge Kanteros in a journalism program last week on Channel 13 of Corriereus, to recognize that Resistance is the only capital in the region where social movements have the free will to act as they are to or block the Resistance Center, and in fact the citizen can not freely transit.

With the same honesty, Governor Pepo should close that gap that jeopardizes his institutional investment and should listen to people, because many of those who remain loyal to him who want to see him go into action once and for all where maneuvers The political provocation is exacerbating the crisis and its political power faces challenges, without which, very well knows, there will be no possible rule in the slippery terrain of the macromo.

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