Friday , May 14 2021

WhatsApp Novelty that will drive Android users crazy

Currently, WhatsApp is an application that can be used only on a smartphone or computer, but this can be changed because WhatsApp has begun an official tablet application.

As reported in WABetaInfo, a portal specialized WhatsApp, the beta version of Android can now be installed on tablets. It's version 2.18.367, but only those people registered as a beta tester can install it.

To use this feature, it will be necessary to connect our phone number to the application on our tablet. In case we ask for access with the same number that we have in our mobile phone, WhatsApp It will automatically close our session so that we can only use it on the tablet, so we can not use it on both devices.

So far it's beta, so it's not defined whether it will work with all Android tablets or just with some models. In addition, there is a small possibility that WhatsApp for iOS is also available for the iPad.

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