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WhatsApp: He wanted to send "hot" photos to his lover, he sinned and found out (everything!) Neighborhood

April 16, 2019

A woman wanted to live a moment of passion sending "hot" photos to her lover, but she made a serious mistake on WhatsApp. Without understanding this, he spread them into a group of neighbors and the images became viral.

A woman made a mistake and sent hot photos to the WhatsApp group.
A woman made a mistake and sent hot photos to the WhatsApp group.

On the "hot" photos of a woman began to circulate in a mass way through WhatsApp, after she herself shared her mistake in a group of neighbors. The woman wanted to send her lover's pictures, but inadvertently, she picked them up in a group of neighbors.

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In the group capture WhatsApp, it can be identified that a woman uses a cell phone that she hid in her house to send "hot" photos to her lover and without her husband's knowledge. However, the girl was not cautious at all, and she shared the pictures in a group called "Sakam Taxi", which is made up of several neighbors from the area where she lives with her partner.

In this way, the sensual messages began to circulate among the inhabitants of Salta's neighborhood, and it is estimated that the girl's husband discovered infidelity because the woman's face was visible. Also, in the pictures it can be seen that she presents in her underwear not only in the house, but also in a public way.

In the group of WhatsApp, the woman wrote: "Hello, nice. I'm sorry for" hanging. "When this cell is gone, Matty does not know that I have it and we can talk calmly. I'll send you the photos I promised you …"

After the text, he uploaded eight photos where he puts them in sensual and lingerie. For this reason, the girl wrote: "Look at the pictures I gave. Sure they are better than your northern girlfriend is sending you."

Immediately, the other members of the group WhatsApp not only expressed their surprise through the use of emoos, but also by sharing photos that were virtually virulized for a short time.

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